SOOM Mega-Gem General Discussion

Oct 6, 2011

    1. I thought I'd start up a thread to discuss the Soom Mega-Gems-- (I searched for one, but couldn't find anything other than doll-specific threads.)

      Posing Issues
      Clothes fitting
      Observation in general
      and just about anything you want to talk about having to do with these dolls...

      Monzo, Ender, etc.


      I've only just received my Ender, so I haven't really played with him enough to know...

      But I was wondering if anyone else seemed to think the knees are a bit hyper-extended (bowed back), which makes for a forward lean? Maybe this works for the Monzo wings? Or maybe not, since they are the human legs...

      Also, it seemed as if the thigh doesn't have much range--both back and forward--in the hip joint. Has anyone else felt this? Or maybe it's just my Ender?


      People were saying that Iplehouse SID clothes can fit Mega-Gems. Any other suggestions?
    2. Not the Senior Iple, but the Elder Iple (EID) clothes sized for the EID model body should work on mega gem dolls. By extension, any vendor that sells EID model size clothes. Freedom Teller for example. Also some stretchy tops for Dollmore Glamour model.
    3. I have a bunch of SID clothes and jeans for my monzo and they fit nicely. I have some model items that are fine too and some that are too long in the sleeves, but it really depends garment to garment. :)
    4. Hey-- do Soshons and Monzos have difficulty standing? Some Ender owners are saying he leans forward and tends to fall forward...

      The knees on Ender seem a little hyper-extended (bowed back), which makes him lean forward... Is this a problem with other Mega-Gems???

      Here's my ender out of the box... standing, but I had to tilt his chest back a little to make him balance... Look at knees...
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    5. SID fits. I heard EID is too big. I'll have to test with my Shoshon and Ender for the knee thing.
    6. Hey can anyone tell me what size shoes these guys wear? Will SID or SD17 boots work??
      Thanks! :)
    7. @april:My Monzo actually stands like a rock! I can even get him to stand on one leg VERY easily, even with his wings on.

      However, my Ender (not actually mine, I was a split host) I got in a split is strung really funny, methinks. He seems a lot more floppy than my Monzo. :/
    8. I'm looking for more options for clothing for mega gems. Has anybody come across anything else that fits, apart from SID/EID clothes? Those aren't really fantasy style enough for my purposes...
    9. Can anyone tell me if it might be feasible to squeeze a mega gem into a Leeke/Dollga 8-9 inch wig? I'm afraid going a step up to the 9.5-10.5 size is going to be too big for Phonolus...
    10. 8-9 should fit! I have a Leeke wig on my Ender and it fits him.
    11. Yay! Thanks for your help :) Now I don't need to worry so much about wigs ^^
    12. I was thinking Mega Gem and Idealian 72 were the same size, but apparently I'm mistaken. The EID and ID72 clothes are interchangable. Nice to hear there are some more options for SID though.

      Edit: Double-checked Soom's site in the Biweekly clothing section. Mega gem clothes are advertised to fit ID72 which in turn fits Iple Elders (EID). But I see how the SID clothes with the bigger chest and shoulder would work on MG dolls. Not confusing in the least, Soom.
    13. what size neck does the mega gem have?
      I cant find the info even on soom...yes im really dumb ..blind..its probably right in front of me.
    14. 13cm
      I couldn't find the measurement anywhere either. Had to wrap a tape measure around my Phonolus' neck.
    15. Mega Gem spam pleseee!!! jejeje, hmm, I would like a mega gem free choce event in future
    16. I have been wondering about all this for a while ... good insite
    17. ok, Mega Gem spam!! My gorgeous Phonolus!!

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    18. paxita, he is absolutely stunning!
    19. I love his "yes, you may adore me now" look! lol
      He's one handsome guy! Great eye color!
    20. I can confirm that the Iplehouse SID clothes fit Soom Mega-Gems, and that the EID stuff is just too darn big for our Mega friends. Outfits from when I had my IH Tedros simply swam on Shoshon, whereas Aubrey (my IH Claude) and Shoshon can share anything they wear. They take turns wearing the SID_Man Le Roi Danse outfit. Yummy! :)