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Soom Mini Gem Angels - limited or not?

Aug 11, 2006

    1. Is the Angel version of the Mini Gems permanent?

      I really like the angel version of Elf Uyoo. She looks just perfect. It got me wondering if the Angel series is limited to a certain period. At the mo, I can't afford to order one but I'd hate to lose out on such a perfect little cutie.
    2. I have no idea if she's limited or not. Wouldn't it say on the site if she was, though? You can always ask on the Q&A board if you really want to know. They're good about answering questions right away.
    3. Gaah! Sorry. Stupid compy froze and it doubleposted. ^^;
    4. Can you post on it if you're not a member? I really don't wanna sign up, just to ask one question :-S
    5. I'm not sure. All you can do is try and see.
    6. it doesnt hurt to sign up^^ and i dont think its a limited. if it is it'll appear in the limted section.
      i guess they want ot make it into a set so to appeal more.
      Well they did appeal me coz i have an angel uyoo^^.