Soom Mini Gem Clothing Options and Size Information

Aug 28, 2006

    1. Releases
      Regular Set (comes with plain dress, wig and eyes, no shoes)
      - R. Uyoo
      - Uyoo (cream white)
      - Uyoo Elf
      - Uyoo Elf (cream white)
      Special Set (comes with special outfit, wig, eyes and shoes)
      - Grunge Punk
      - Forest Wind (elf)
      - Glory of Love (elf)
      - Angel
      - Quite Rabbit (cream white)
      - Time to Say Goodbye
      - Tan
      - Fashion Diva
      - Black Rose Again (R.Uyoo)

      Regular Set (comes with plain dress, wig and eyes, no shoes)
      - Aren
      - Aren (cream white)
      Special Set (comes with special outfit, wig, eyes and shoes)
      - Walk On the Greenway
      - Punky Nyangi (cream white)
      - You Must Love Me
      - Alice in Labyrinth
      - Tan

      Regular Set (comes with plain dress, wig and eyes, no shoes)
      - Sosle
      - Sosle (cream white)

      Clothes That Will Fit:
      - 27cm Barbie clothes (Fashion Fever, My Scene, Silkstone, etc)
      - Volks WTG (Who's That Girl) shirt, dresses and shoes
      - Bratz boys (may be a bit oversized)
      - Only Hearts Club shoes
      - Azone
      - Jenny and other Takara sized dolls
      - R&D Susie
      - Fashion Royalty
      - Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls (shoes are good, clothes can be hit or miss)
      - Disney Fairies (outfit may be a bit small, shoes fit)
      - Pullip (might be a bit big)
      - Misaki
      - Luts 1/6 Shoes

      Clothes That Won't Fit:
      - Bratz girls
      - Volks Volks WTG (Who's That Girl) skirts and pants
      - Blythe clothes.
      - Blythe/Pullip sized shoes
      Comparison pic of shoes (pullip, wtg, azone)

      Wigs (Mini Gems use a size 4 wig)
      - BJDollarama
      - Bravot
      - Dolls & Friends
      - Facets by Marcia
      - Monique
      - Parabox
      - tinybear on DoA

      Eyes (Mini Gems wear 8mm eyes)
      - Soom
      - VolksUSA

      - Barbie (Fashion Fever and such)
      - Re-Ment

      Ebay Sellers
      Pocowai - Shoes and Re-Ment sets
      Mimiwoo - Clothes and shoes
      Pudding-House - Shoes (hand-made, not plastic ones)

      Clothing and Accessories Gallery
      Aren and Uyoo in Barbie Fashion Fever Clothes and Misaki shoes (the pink ones)
      Aren with Rement set
      Aren in Disney Fairies outfit
      Aren in WTG shirt and arm warmers
      Aren in WTG boots
      Uyoo in Azone skirt

      Size Comparison
      Tiny size chart
      Aren with MNF Chiwoo
      Uyoo with Pipos Baha
      Uyoo with Bambicrony Elf
      Uyoo with old and new Barbies

      Original Post:

      Hi! I'm sorry if this is answered somewhere but for all the threads I could find concerning the Soom Mini Gems I could not find one listing what clothse she could wear. I have one on the way and I want to have something for her to wear besides her default when she gets here. ^^;

      I already know that Barbie Fashion Fever clothes will fit but what about the other Barbies, the ones with removeable feet similar to Bratz? (Grr, forgot the name...). Also what about Bratz, Pullip and Blyth clothes and shoes for the latter two?

      Any help is appreciated, thanks. ^_^
    2. I know Bratz won't fit, they're a bit to tiny. Maybe some of the stuff you might be able to squeeze on her..for the most part wont fit. All the 27cm barbie clothes will fit, fashion fever, my scene, etc. I always preferd the normal barbie clothing over the my scene stuff. =x

      Never tried Pullip or Blyth, so I have no idea.. :( Azone, Who's that Girl(Volks), Jenny and other Takara sized dolls stuff will fit her.
    3. Blythe's are much smaller, so their stuff will most likely not fit, but Pullips have bodies that are 27cm sized-- so I'm guessing they will! Their feet are bigger so their shoes may not fit.
    4. Barbie MyScene clothes actually fit her the best. Regular Barbie pants are a bit too short; the (regular) long pants kinda look like trashy hand-me-downs if photographed from the wrong angle, although clever photography can always make them look fine, and with a bit of work, they can become cute capris. MyScene clothes are perfect--the pants go all the way to the floor, but they ARE a different style than regular Barbie clothes. More glitter and glam.

      (Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed by how BORING most Barbie clothes are. I want some nice goth Barbie clothes! Barbie Hot Topic FTW. Or maybe some Barbie Harley clothes. Or some fantasy stuff that doesn't look like it got plucked from some wedding cake. I'm going to start looking into vintage stuff soon....)

      Bratz Boys clothes will also fit, although they'll be a bit oversized, but they can look cute.

      As for shoes, you'll have to order from one of the Japanese companies OR buy them from Only Hearts Club dolls, which you can find in the 'educational' aisle at Target.
    5. Dollfie Plus stuff is great for Uyoo - I highly recommend the ebay seller Mimiwoo, I've gotten quite a bit of stuff from her. Darkwood's right; most Barbie clothing is tacky or boring but there is some nice stuff out there. I'm also considering buying a Collector's Barbie just for the amazing vintage outfits you get with them. (after spending $30 dollars on something like a nice top or skirt for an MSD doll, a $60 barbie collector doll with an amazing outfit doesn't look so bad :sweat)

      Anyway, congrats on your Minigem:) - is she an Aren or an Uyoo? I'm in love with both of them.
    6. Thanks a lot guys, you've all been really helpful!

      Darkwood - Yeah I've been to three stores to look at Barbie clothes and I haven't found anything. Usually I'll like one piece out of one of the giant sets or one set of clothing on a doll. My Scene really needs to get past this My Bling Bling stage. Although the Barbie room sets are nice, I was very tempted to buy the study area with desk and computer.

      Lunafelis - Thank you so much for recommending her! I was a bit discouraged after still not finding anything but I'm going through her store and finding some things I'll probably order. ^_^

      Oh and I have an Aren on the way, the little punky kitty version. :D
    7. New stuff tends to pop up on her seller's store page quite a lot...(not that I spend loads of time trawling eBay for cute minigem outfits, or anything) so she's worth another look maybe sometime in the future. I ADORE the kitty Aren - I am so tempted to order one myself, she is absolutely stunning. Do you have a name for her yet? :) Please post pics of when you get her - I think I've only seen owner pics of one other around here...
    8. Haha I just kinda went nuts at the Volkuas store, the MSC UV cut is back in stock so I figured I'd order some WTG clothes for her too and I had to really go through and get rid of half the stuff or my order was just too much money. ^_^;; But that's good to know about Mimiwoo, I have to go through the stuff I bookmarked from her now and choose what's making the cut. XD

      I was leaning towards Adia because it means gift and she's an early birthday/christmas present from my boyfriend. ^_^ I'll know for sure when she gets here (sigh I hate waiting for them to be shipped!) and of course I'll post pictures. XD
    9. wtg stuff might be a little tight. I know some of the stuff is tight on a momoko and I think she shares the same body as takara jenny. but wtg stuff is really cute....
    10. I've done that in a couple of cases, and I agree with you that it works. The problem is that it's still often too short, and then I'm irritated with myself for spending $60 on an outfit that doesn't quite fit right. Why didn't I just order from Japan and get something that worked? *headdesk* :)

      Glad to help, Radiotrash!
    11. Argh, really...I might leave off getting a vintage outfit then :| Damn her long legs! I've only got a couple of tops from WTG, but they've fitted fine.

      Adia is such a sweet name ^^ how nice of your boyfriend to get her for you!
    12. Thanks guys! I'm really excited, like I keep checking my order status everyday even though I know it'll take awhile. How long did your guys's Mini Gems take to ship? ^_^
    13. No prob! :) I got my Uyoo on the secondary market, so I wouldn't know how long a Minigem would take to ship *_* (although when I've got dolls new, I check the order status twice a day...oh dear). However, I've heard that Soom are relatively fast :daisy hope you get her soon!! I've actually found that Minigems are fantastic posers (my friend has an Uyoo as well)- they seem to have a kind of 'locking' system with their three-part body thing, and stand really easily (despite their tidgey feet).
    14. Really? How exciting! I can't wait to get and pose her. And I really like the way her legs go from larger thighs to smaller feet, it's a pretty style that reminds me of some of my favorite artists.

      C'mon Soom, c'mon. *_*

      Well at least my WTG clothes shipped, that's something. ;)
    15. Susie clothes fit pretty well too, even the shoes (without socks). I've tried the Susie Tokyo Trendy outfit and I just have to get my hands on that doll or outfit. :fangirl:
    16. I've not heard of Susie clothes *_* Do you have any links?
    17. I haven't. :doh The big problem is that Susies are LE dolls, they sometimes pop up on eBay (San Francisco Days & Oren Blond at the moment).
      I have never seen their clothes being sold separately but they are less than $100 when the come out (Tokyo Trendy was about $70?) will have clothes 'soon' it says.
    18. Both of these places I've linked below have the full dolls and the outfit sets that R&D created for Susie. Whether they will split a dressed doll or not, I can't say, though. Sometimes people will sell the outfits on Ebay, but not too often. They are generally of really good quality and work for a variety of dolls.
    19. Thanks for the links and help Bagofspiders and Arysuh, def going to check those links out. More ways to spend money, eh :roll:
    20. Azones stuff is pretty nice. So does momoko's. Soom sells Azone shoes for uyoos. You could also check out those soft shoes or boots sold on ebay for blythes.
      Since my uyoo is blushed, i dont make her wear any rubber shoes, im scared they might get rubbed off.