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Soom-Mini Gem Series Plus Event

May 13, 2006

    1. Mini Gem Series Plus Event
      Rabbit Hood present coming!

      Period : 2006.5.19 ~ 5.25(7 days)

      ->To celebrate the birth of Aren and Romantic Uyoo, Here it is, special event for you.
      Look at the Soom's Mini Gem Series - Uyoo, Romantic Uyoo or Aren.
      If you order one of them for this event period, a cute and charming "Rabbit Hood Set" will be served free of charge, Hurry up!

      * You can choose your doll type : Aren, Uyoo, Romantic Uyoo
      * You can also choose the special rabbit Hood set : pink, green, red, black
      (each of hood sets could be early run out)
      * You get a default wig(in the picture)-not a random wig- during the event

      < Set information >
      - Mini Gem(choose one doll type)
      - Rabbit hood set(choose one color)
      - Default wig(in the picture)
      - 8mm acrylic eyes (random color)
      - two emoticon cards set
      - manual & certificate of authenticity
      - pillow and box


    2. Minigem event started today!
    3. So you can't get the rabit hood set with Elf Uyoo? (That's a bummer.)