Soom minigem, Sosle White Angel!!

Apr 4, 2007


      I had to post a thread to talk with you guys about her, because I am sooo excited!! I think I've finally found the 1/6 tiny for me!!!

      Isn't she gorgeous?! She reminds me of Asil! I love Asil, but I would never get her, because I have much too many big dolls as it is... so it thrills me to see a tiny that reminds me of her! :D

      What do you guys think of her? Let's chat! :)
    2. I think she looks adorable!!! She has the cutest little smile.

      Not too fond of the 'fatty/glossy' lips faceup that Soom gave her but I'm sure with the right faceup, she'd look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see ownerpics of her :)
    3. I think she's cute and she does look like asil, a more special beauty as her eyes might trow people off(I guess that's also why so little people own Asil, it takes time to appreciate her and her eyes ^_^)

      and I agree that face up is to pink, it's not just some blush, it's everywhere
      Maybe she will be joining my crowd, though not for the next 6 months
    4. She's very pretty but her pinkiness and expression make her look embarrassed.
    5. she is so pretty!
    6. Wow.. she is pretty. I think I prefer the other ones though. I'll have to see some owner pics. That's what usually sells me on a doll :)
    7. I really like her. She reminds me of Asil, which is my favorite Gem. They sorta gave her collagen-lips in the face-up, but I think with a more "chapstick" lip appearance she'd be really special!
    8. Yeah, I'd definately get her without a faceup. The more I look at the minigems, the more enamored I am with them! Now the Banjis are tempting me too!! ARRGH!! I'm going tiny crazy!!! *_*
    9. D'oh!!! I have an Aren, and a small herd of Uyoos, and I thought I was DONE with MiniGems.

      D'OH!!! Darn you Soom!!!

      She's adorable, but I agree, I don't like the default faceup. I didn't like the faceup on the tan Uyoo either, but I just bought one here on DoA that had a custom faceup by Kayley and she's GORGEOUS.

      Just goes to show, the faceup can make or break a doll. (shrug)

      So now there's ANOTHER Mini Gem I'm going to need to add to the family. Darn it. :)

      - Wendy
    10. I think she's totally cute. She has a funny little expression that makes me smile. :D
    11. I saw this doll and was very interested in her. I think she is special. I think she is available this coming weekend, the 15th. If you want her, ask SOOM.

      I have a love of Aren, but this doll is NEW! If you love her Go GET her!

    12. Thanks for the info Neptune!! Now to sell everything that's not nailed down so I can get her on the 15th! :D
    13. I love her eyes, but I dislike the mouth (I'm a bit sick of all those dolls with small thick lips) I think I'll just stick to loving Uyoo :D Damn, I was about to buy an Orientdoll dae type and fell in love with Soom D:
    14. She's up! ... but sold out??? :...( I hope it's only because they haven't put her for sale officially yet... :(
    15. dammit soom!!! Please come out with a minigem that looks like Kanoa and I really will luff you forevers!
    16. Nakitama - so you were watching her frequently from April 6th until now and she was never in stock?


    17. Ditto that!! Where are all the boy 1/6ths??? We only have Kimmy, and souldoll lists him as sold out! Hopefully Soom will fill that gap in the market. I'm working on making my own 1/6th boy, I'm so desperate! :lol:
    18. Nope, I didn't look for quite a few days... but I thought she was a general edition...? She isn't? :o
    19. Just wanted to note that she's up for sale and in stock right now on the Soom website. I kind of like her but I'm officially tapped for funds at this point. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to add her to family at some point. I like the Western Spirit Sosle they have as well.