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Soom Monthly Doll April (Aries) the Third Land: Beryl Thread Part 2

Oct 3, 2008

    1. Since the previous thread reached 1000 posts and was locked, I thought I'd start a new thread for continued discussion of this amazing girl.

      Here's one of my favorite pictures of my Beryl, Anat, to start with:


      Esthetics by Lyn_R, photo by thesaraghina.

      I'd love to see more owner pics, and to hear about what is and isn't working for you in terms of Beryl's articulation -- I'm amazed that they managed to achieve working digitigrade hind legs, and that she actually DOES stand with a little coaxing.

      -- A <3
    2. Gorgeous!

      My Beryl just left the LA Customs office this evening.
      She should be here tomorrow!!!:fangirl:

      DH suggested we do a Box opening video instead of pictures. :)
      So when he gets home tomorrow, he is going to video tape the box opening so we can post it on youtube. I'm rather excited and am happy he is just as excited for me. :aheartbea:aheartbea
      I love him. He rocks.
    3. Ashbet, I just love your girl! She's so beautiful. :aheartbea

      Rage_razor: I look forward to seeing your box-opening video!

      My Beryl (who will be named Izzy) is at the post office right now. :( I have a salmon-colored little "we tried to deliver" slip in my purse and I'll be picking her up on my lunch break today... but I won't be able to open the package until after work. (I'm at work now, checking DoA while I wait for Photoshop to process a giganimous file).

      My internet has been acting up really badly the past couple of days and the cable guy won't be out until Monday, but I'll take some pics over the weekend after I give her a faceup and blushing, then post them Monday evening. ^_^ I'm SO excited for this girl! I've never had a doll just call out to me the way that Beryl did. I'm also very psyched about the digitigrade legs and I'll see what posing issues come up this weekend.
    4. Yay, good luck to both of you on your deliveries!!

      And thank you! :kitty2

      -- A :D
    5. She's here! I picked up the box on lunch break and opened it when I got back to my desk. I was going to wait until tonight, but my co-worker that shares the office area urged me to go ahead and open it. Everything's so big! My other largest dolls are 60cm, so she just looks bigger overall. And the hooves are much larger than I'd thought. It makes me happy to know that though, because it means she'll be much more stable to stand.

      Oh, and those WINGS! :drool They are to die for, though I don't know how often they'll get used... I'll be so afraid to break them. :sweat

      Gah, I can't wait to get her home and faceupped/blushed!
    6. Yeah, I honestly don't think I'll ever use those wings, they are MASSIVE and they aren't as poseable as I was hoping. :( And I wouldn't be TOO sure about the stability. Her hooves help, but I have a really hard time getting her knees to lock well enough for her to stand. It takes a LOT of adjusting for me, and only one of her legs always locks, the other one its a chore. :(

      BUT she is still an amazing doll, so congrats on getting her safe & sound. :)
    7. If this has been discussed already I'm sorry. I just got my Beryl. Love her!
      So here's my question:

      When gluing the magnets to the horns, do you put the thicker magnet in the horn part or the head?

    8. Thanks for the congratulations! I have really never been this excited for a doll (except maybe for my first ;) ) Have you sueded your Beryl, and if so did it help any? I might try hot-glue sueding mine, but I'm not sure how much it will help since the pressure isn't applied the same to her legs as it is on regular legs.

      I did some playing around with the parts when I opened mine, but my guess would be the thinner part goes on the horns. It's just a guess... but the smaller magnet seemed to fit better into the indention of the horns when I tried it out... the smaller one sat flush with the edge of the indention, if that makes sense, while the larger one kind of sticks out.
    9. Loagaeth did the hot glue sueding for me, and it helped a little but it seems like her joints are ripping the hot glue out a bunch, and thats when the one leg started locking good, but the other never seemed to work. I might try to do it again and if it still doesn't work, I'll try actual sueding I think. And you're right, when she arrived she was in her human legs and I had a much easier time standing her even tho she was loosely strung thanks to the weird weight of her legs in hooves. Oh well, I'll try again and if nothing works, theres always wiring.

      Also agreed on the horns, the smaller one goes in the horns, and I recommend being careful w/ the amount of glue under there. I used too much and so one magnet doesn't quite go in all the way, lol. :)
    10. Lyn sueded her legs for me, and she does stand pretty well -- I'm honestly not sure whether she used hot glue or pliver, though.

      -- A <3
    11. Box opening video is done. :)

      DH kept messing up with the camera, so its in three parts and not really complete. Part 1 & 3 are recommended to cut it short. Part 2 is just part of unpacking the box.

      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:

      Yeah, she is AMAZING!... But I think over the next month I'm going to put out a feeler for her. Odd as it is... I think I'm more in love with my Choseol than I could potentially ever be with Beryl. :/

      But she is still amazing. I'm not going to officially list her for sale so I don't feel obligated to take an offer. But I will put out a feeler and see if I can be convinced to let her go.

      But she is JUST the right size for the huge wolf statue I have. So she has a pet. lol She is currently sitting on a couch with Alice on my entertainment system petting her wolf. We even moved the entertainment center prior to her arrival so we could display her away from any direct light. lol Absolutely gorgeous. <3
    12. I love the red theme Ashbet. So striking on Beryl.

      Your Beryl is gorgeous rage_razor! I was having second thoughts about getting the body blushing, but I really like it from what I saw in your video. Now I'm getting all impatient again. :doh

      But, wow, Beryl is one TALL doll! :o She's going to tower over everyone else around here.
    13. Definitely. lol
      My other doll is a mere 30-32 cm. So Beryl is a giant next to her.
      But she is perfectly sized with the wolf I have, as hoped. :)

      And I was nervous about her body blushing as well after seeing how it turned out on a few others. But it seems the past couple to arrive have turned out really well. As did mine fortunately. So I was very, very happy with that.

    14. Heheh. She looks great with the wolf. :)

      She seemed to stand up pretty good from what I saw in your video. Have you tried any more complicated poses with her at all? I'm wondering just how easy it is to pose all those joints. *_*

      I'm so glad to here that about the blushing! Makes me feel much better about ordering it.
    15. I'm still paranoid about damaging her, so I've been very careful about posing her. lol

      She is quite the hand full, but poses well. And when she arrived to me, was very tightly strung. So it took a lot of work to remove her human parts and put on her hooves and leg parts. :/

      But I do love how dainty and eloquent her legs are, even with the huge hooves. :)
    16. Oh, no! That's what I'm worried about - trying to string her hoof parts on once she gets here. Definitely not looking forward to that. :| I can't believe how big those hooves are, though! My mouth dropped when I saw you holding that first one! :o I guess on the other hand, they'll hopefully make her easier to balance.
    17. lol, they are large. But keep in mind, I have very small hands. So they look bigger than they are when I hold them. lol
      And they do help with her balance I think.
    18. I still hate missing out on her :( If anyone wants to sell me their Beryl wings, I'd be very happy :)
    19. Whoa, what's with that weird packaging in your vid, rage_razor??? :? Did Soom get rid of the foam? Awww, what a shame, I really liked that nice black foam.

      She's gorgeous though, and until seeing that vid it didn't really occur to me how amazing Beryl is. Weird, I know, but oh well.
    20. i'm in the same boat, though, i hadn't heard of bjd's when she was released :roll:
      but if i hadn't been banned from buying any more:sweat
      i'd probably be looking into rage_razor's beryl, unless she's willing to trade for a kidney, bit of liver or any other bit of me i may or may not need!