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Soom Monthly Doll Fantasy legs - how do they work?

Jul 12, 2009

    1. I did a search, and I know there's plenty of photos around but I'm still a little confused... :sweat

      I'm wondering, how exactly do these legs work? What keeps the dolls from falling flat on their faces? The knee joint looks normal enough from the photos, but the joint below it is basically a backward knee that, even at the standard standing upright pose, looks terribly bent. If my regular dolls had their knees bent at such an angle, they'd just fall over. How about when they're crouched down? I assume the dolls are pretty heavy so how does that work? My normal SD10 can't even crouch without her sockets popping. Also, are the legs strung all the way through from head to foot or do they attach only at the knee?

      Thanks so much... any pictures with descriptions/explanations would be much appreciated :)!
    2. hmmm, let's see if i can help..... the legs are strung all the way through from the head like any other leg/foot..... the knees lock into place, and the resin behind the knee just kind of sits on the resin below (hard to explain). when i place my dolls in a crouch, i find i do have to pop the knee out of joint entirely, so that the elastic is showing. i balance the upper part of the thigh on the lower back of calf...... maybe i can find some kind of photo.
    3. Thanks Miss Ally :) that answers my question about stringing and crouching.

      I'm still a little confused on the standing though. Does the lowest joint "lock"? How does it do this? Can anyone explain (pictures would be really helpful too)! Thanks :)..
    4. Hmm, I'm not sure I can explain the exact physical characteristics of why they stand, but the gist of it is that the joints are locked in that slightly bent looking position.

      There is a joint at the front (you can see it in pictures) on the bottom part of the legs which looks alot like the back of most dolls knee joints, this joint locks into place at the front the same was as knees do. They also have the normal locking knee joints that other dolls have.
      Basically it works the same way as standard SD legs lock, they just have an additional joint further down the leg.
      The angle is not quite as drastic is as it might seem in some pictures, I think you'll find that despite the bent look of the legs, the weigh distribution of the body is still centred, so it pushes straight down on the legs the same way it would on straight legs, that strain is simply shared by two joints instead of one.

      As for sitting crouched, it doesn't really work in intermediate states, the legs basically have to be bent fully back on themselves so they sit flush, which stops the doll from toppling over as it has nowhere else to go. (except sideways)