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Soom Monthly Doll February (Aquarius) the Third Land: MA Deneb - Planet Spirit

Feb 14, 2008

    1. [thread=194665]News thread here.[/thread]

      How can I order her. Is she not available. The site shows her but doesn't give a price nor does it say she is sold out. Anyone know?
    2. Hey there,
      First of all this thread should probably be in the Buying and Shipping Q's section :)

      Second of all, Soom has ordering periods each month during which they tend to offer one of the Mecha Angels for sale. What you should do is make an account on Soom, then post on their Q&A board asking when the Mecha Angel girl you want, in the skin color you want, will be sold again. They will probably tell you which month, or if they don't know yet they will tell you that too. That is how I knew when they'd be selling the white Sabik I needed to buy - just ask them and then you'll also know by when you will need to have the money.

      I hope this helps!
    3. I asked today about her by mistake (I meant Dia and mixed the names LOL) and they told me that she will be available during this Month in the Five days event SOOM do.
    4. Looks like soom released another female m.a. and it's a tan doll.
      She looks much better than vega i.m.o., but still too masculine for my taste.
    5. Wow. Her sword and Angelina Jolie lips are pretty, but both she and Vega are both waaaay to masculine. They're pretty but look a little too dragish for me.
    6. OH MY GOD!!!!!

      I just saw this about 10 seconds ago!!! Why do they do this to me, when I just ordered Swan Lake Cocori?

      Gigantic tan warrior woman? I might cry. There's no way I can spring for her, but oh, this is going to hurt to miss. I'd have to sell at least two dolls to be able to afford it.

      Ouch. My heart. </drama>

      Question--- Does anyone know just how limited this line of monthly dolls are? There still seem to be a few of the January ones in stock. Heh, not that I can get her, but for future reference. :lol:
    7. Awww. I'm sorry. If it's any consolation Swan Lake Cocori is beautiful!
    8. Woow, she's hot. She's got a nice, sharp mature face without screaming "THIS IS A MAN" at me like Vega does.
    9. They will probably release her again, but I doubt if she will be in tan for a while. You can layaway her for 120 days with Soom from memory if you search their site. I like her but I'd only be interested in a basic. That pricetag is too much for me.
    10. Wow, i love the faceup especially the big juicy lips and that tan is lovely. I think she is slightly more feminine than vega but i'd still prefer her as a boy IMO.
    11. Wow, I just love her. She looks so real and mature and beautiful... I don't know how you can see her as a man. How tall is she exactly? Not that I can afford her.
    12. Ah yes this is what I'm talking about, one hot dark skin mama with a big ass sword, but that $1400+ price is making me cry, someone will get her, wish it was me.
    13. I think she's gorgeous and reminds me of a Luis Royo painting. She's far more feminine than Vega imo, and yet wow does she ever look like she could ground someone into the dirt if she wanted to.

      I know I'll NEVER be able to afford her, maybe if she comes in a basic set...highly unlikely, but I'd love it if I could own her and a pale waify Dollshe Saint (highly doubting I'll ever have either) just to see him cower in her mightiness. Yeah he'd be smitten.XD
    14. Wow, Soom! Wow! :chocoberry I love her. :chocoheart Masculine, feminine, whatever. Call her a man if you want, but tell me which nights she's dancing at Asia SF and I'll give her all my money! :XD:
    15. Now that is an Amazon! Woohooo! Hubby gives his thumbs up. Poor boy he's been falling for every other new girl lately.

      If it helps anyone Soom has a 4month layaway plan!!! I know we're tempted.
    16. Thanks so much. I will go and do an account at SOOM. Sorry about posting at the wrong place.
    17. She's beautiful!! <333 I know I couldn't afford her at that price, though. Maybe if she were to come as a basic set... and wasn't limited...

      But I think I'd die at the shock of going from 40cm dollies to an 80cm one. o_o;
    18. Very pretty, but she looks very manly.XD Not to my tastes.
    19. i agree. the jawline and lips are too manly. everything else is great!...but for me, the manliness is a turn-off. it's possible to have a mature, powerful woman looking like a woman instead of a, well, a man in drag.

    20. I third the idea that Mecha Angel's female are too manly. ^^; But I dont find it a turn-off or anything. I think the dolls are still beautiful~ I just wish they came in a male version too. XD;

      Also, I've seen owner pictures of Vega and she's quite lovely. Not as masucline as the promote pictures make her tho. Maybe this will be the same with this new one? ^^