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Soom Monthly Doll Jan 2010: Chalco - Forest King

Jan 22, 2010

    1. Oh teaser is up

      He is tanned:aheartbea


      Photo shopped pic 1


      Super lighten pic 2


      That thing on his head looks like a mask.... or a skull hat LOL

      He is a Hollow LOL LOL
    2. ...oh -long string of profanity goes here- my aching wallet.
    3. I knew it. I KNEW he would get me. Damn you, SOOM. It's a good thing two of my layaways are being completed this month.
    4. I'm impressed so far. ANIMAL SKULL ON HEAD = :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Good thing I don't buy boys! xD

      So what kind of feet do we think he'll have?
      My friend commented that the skull head looks a lot like Io, to which I was like HE'S THE GOD OF IO THAT'S WHY HEE HEE xDDDD (yes I'm a dork xD)
      Right now I'm feeling like it could go either way.. feline.. hooves.. something totally different?
    5. Ulquiorra~!!
      I like what I'm seeing so far T_T
      I should seriously stop visiting Soom's site.
      Not. Good. For. The. Wallet.
    6. Minotaur!!!!! LOL LOL

      Well he is forest king so hooves
    7. XD so THAT' show they solved the minotaur problem, A skull! XD Oh Soom, you're indeed brilliant.

      must. get. XD
    8. Tan + Animal skull... OH MY. OH MYYYYYYY- /fans self
    9. Photoshopping later.. I'm pretty sure I see HORNS. xD
      They could be coming off the skull? It does look like a cow skull?
    10. so far, i'm impressed ... i thought i would be safe since i don't buy boys but this time i am just not sure...
    11. Good idea, midnite

      Did it

      but Not sure if I am seeing the horns

      ** Altered photoshopped pictures in post 1

      Super lighten picture

      I can see the black wig.... only
    12. >___< So not safe. . .my sard or chrom (lol since they won't date each other) so want a boyfriend lol. . .

      :XD: sexy profile ;) And tan makes me squee :dance
    13. The upper left corner area.. I.. THINK? xD
      Starts parallel with his nose/eyes then curls back to the left. Maybe?

      Saying that I was on of the people who saw Hati and Skoll's teaser pics and was convinced I saw a scorpion tail. It was her wig. OOPS xD
    14. Bumping up the contrast, I'm personally thinking it's tree, not horns, since he's the forest king, but all we can do is see. And as said in the other thread, it's an Ungulate skull I'm rather sure do to the sideways eyes and the bridge structure so either he's a predator, or rather cannibalistic~ lol
    15. How do I delete a thread or do I need to inform a moderator to do so?

      I accidently duplicated a Chalco discussion thread hehe :doh Serves me right for not checking before clicking on the "post" button hehe.

      I'm 80% Soomed at the moment. Tan boy = me poor. Me poor big time! *_*
      I'll just hafta wait till the full pics are up to see if it's completely and utterly soomed or I can hold out heh!
    16. Did a double photoshop effort and now I think I can see black hair. Still not sure about the horn/tree/thing.. could be either?
      Now he looks really WS in my picture though xDD

      Maybe a fur collar or something? Cloak? (we know how Soom loves their cloaks) xD
    17. yes pretty sure the outfit has a cloak... which become invisible in my house LOL
    18. Finally, a tanned doll. Unfortunately right at the time I just bought another one... Can't wait to see his face.
    19. -_- Surely SOOM already has enough of our money. *needs them to stop releasing awesome dolls so she can save money*

      So far I like what I see.
    20. Ohh my... i am doomed! and i just got Euclase in december... grrrrr soom what on earth makes you craete such amazing dolls :D have some mercy! XD so far Chalco looks amazing! i wana cry....