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Soom Monthly Doll January (Capricorn) the Third Land: Amber - Pure Spirit Part II

Feb 8, 2009

    1. Part two already? :lol:

      Link to Soom Page.

      [thread=271968]Link to News thread.[/thread]

      [thread=271969]Link to previous Amber thread[/thread]

      Please continue!
    2. "Sold Out"!? Oh no, I hope they restock! I was going to buy 2! :...(
    3. don't cry! they should be restocking her in a few hours ^^
    4. She's already restocked and able to be ordered again! :)
    5. I had mis-linked to this thread in the previous Amber thread...unfortunately, it appears that one can't edit posts in a locked thread. Anyway, here's the link again, and it appears that someone has updated with some more photos (I haven't looked at them yet, as I'm at work and try to keep my browsing mostly text-based, so I don't know if they focus on the MDs), so I highly suggest that all MD-fanciers check it out!
    6. It would be amazing to see a photo of Amber at the Soom Japan store.

      I was surprised Amber didn't sell out sooner in her first selling wave.
    7. I wasj ust SO confused when i couldnt post in the other thread XD

      My group's Amber has now been ordered. I'm even MORE giddy about my future hooves now XD;; *lame*

      Edit: Also, Soom updated the "unshopped" pics. With tail pics. Only.....i'm not sure they quite got the point of what a lot of people were hoping for. They show the back/butt with and without the tail. But. uh. thats it ^^;;
    8. does anyone know if the waist joint will fit to any other doll make? I'm in a split at the moment and I don't know if I'll need to buy the body.
    9. im guessing the other magnet is inside the body.
    10. Do you have to pay a currency exchange fee when you buy from Soom? How much would that be?

      Shipping is $76, correct?

      I'm adding up the grand total right now to see how much I will need to put aside.
    11. Shipping looked like it was running about 10% when I was putting together orders, more or less. And I didn't pay any exchange fee that I noticed. :)
    12. I have never paid a fee. The prices on the English site are US dollars, you pay what they ask, and they worry about all that. Checking on the site, I see the base doll is $790.00, and the shipping for regular EMS looks to be $79.30, for a total of 869.30. Depending on what you're getting, you may have to pay more, of course. ;)

      Now, I'm generally a PayPal person, but that should pretty much be it. Once the order is placed, you can contact Soom to confirm that you're sending the money the right way, there's a leeway of a day or two that you can straighten out particular questions with them, they won't cancel your order if you don't pay within an hour, for example. ;)

      And if it's not too personal, how are you planning to pay? Layaway? All at once? There's different things you can or should do depending on that as well, though the totaly shouldn't change. :) Don't worry, we're all here to help you through it, LOL! :thumbup

    13. So this is my first time ordering from Soom, myself... what stage is "receipt of credit payment"? I'm assuming this is still prior to payment confirmation, am I guessing right?

      And I'm sure I saw it somewhere already, but what size wig will she wear? I figure I can spend the months waiting for her to arrive searching for her wig, but it'll be easier if I know a size to go off. :)
    14. Yes, after payment is confirmed your order will say "before shipping". I also received an email from Soom confirming the receipt of payment.

      I've got my Dia in a size 8/9 wig and it fits her beautifully.
    15. Both very good things to know, thank you! :D I'll go hunting an 8/9 for her, then!

      (I rarely order direct from the companies period, so I'm never quite sure what's going on...)
    16. Thank you! :) If I didn't have you guys, I'd be a sad, hopeless person. ;___;

      I'm planning on paying all at once. ^^ Faceup, wig, and eyes: $895. But if I have a CC paypal, would that make a difference? *paypal noob u_u;;* Probably not, but I want to make sure.

      Contacting Soom....e-mailing them or posting on the board thing? *stares at the icon in the Q&A board that says write* I feel really stupid, :sweat but I've never done this before.....*friends ordered dolls, I paid*
    17. q&a board is definately the best way to go! it might take a day or two but they always get to you :) if you feel stupid about it you can always just make your post a locked post, so that only you and soom can see it
    18. Has anyone received word about the waist part? :\
    19. No, CC paypal does not make a difference. It is against the paypal rules to make you eat the fees, so it makes no difference to you at all.

      TsukiHiroshi, in reference too? they did post a picture of her cute bum with and without the tail attached, but they didn't really show the mechanism, thought they did say it was magnetic
    20. and since she comes with a whole extra waist piece for a magnetic tail i think the other magnet is probably inside her waist piece somehow