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SOOM Monthly Doll July (Cancer) the Third Land: Bix - Fateful Night

Jul 15, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      errrrr it look like a girl, i meant that bump is beast right right!!!?? please be a dang girl, so i won't have to order!!!!!!

      Or it can be very heavy armor, no no bad girl (start chanting and muttering like mad in a corner somehwere) girl, girl, girl, girl, or bad looking guy >.> hey i can dream, leave me alone!:doh
    2. I was browsing the site when they first posted him/her....and I'm so intrigued! Not that i can afford any more resin right now, (Sard has eaten my bank account). But I'm so curious! Is this Cancer I wonder? The armor(?) looks a bit crab-like to me...
    3. So far the eyeshadow looks lovely and the outfit appears interesting, guess my Dollstown body shopping will be put off for a while. Sigh. Soom wants all my money this year. At least I've paid off Sard, my Beryl will be happy!
    4. yes it cancer...with claws and armor from the look of it >.> and those are girly looking eyes...i hope.
    5. Girly eyes, but it doesn't look like the giant boobs... oh dear.

      Please, dear Soom, you know I love you all, please let that be a MA so I don't have to break my size rule. Please?
    6. Not gonna lie...that has to be a boy. ^^
    7. hope its a girl, a girl, a girl LOL
    8. >.> it a boy with 'girly' feather then!! so i don't have to order it! (will fight until the last moment when soom start saleing!) girl, or girly boy, or maybe wrong size!!! muhahahaha >.>
    9. They've already had two girls in armor... It 's definitely time for a boy with fabulous armor. ^^
    10. It sorta reminds me of Deneb's face, too, from what little I can see of that eye. (And wouldn't you know I -JUST- started painting the CW deneb head similar to that? Just, you know, really badly in my case.) I feel reeeeeeeeallly sorry for the board if they finally granted that 'Deneb Head on Boy Body' request in this form, for many wallets will be empty.

      If that is the case, well, I'm glad that's my favorite MA head thus far since it'd be the third in the house. *whimper*
    11. Looks like she or he has a fabulous faceup.
    12. I think it's a boy. Because:

      1) Those look like pecs and not bewbs
      2) They have been alternating between boys and girls the past few months; Beryl, Sard, Onyx, so now it's a boy's turn
    13. I agree... the pattern seems to be girl/boy/girl/boy... so it would be a boy's turn. Also, the Super Gem and Mecha Angel girls have some very noticeable hooters. ^_~ I also think it's boy armor/pecs... which is good for me! I'm more of a sucker for girls myself. Though just from this pic he looks VERY tempting...

      *chants to self* Saving for Leo, saving for Leo...
    14. Cancer girl, i think!

      and it looks Super Gem girl size too, not MA 0__0

      (The layaway for Sard is pretty much eating up my life and finances right now, so I'm glad I'm safe ^o^!)
    15. miss_pygmalion: bewbs? *falls on floor laughing*
      you're right about the alternating. but, I've been loving everything they bring out! must pay off Sard first. *_*
      I could be very tempted by a girl, so maybe I'm safe this month if those are pecs.
    16. Soom seems to do their monthly dolls as Supergems, and their For Five Days dolls as Mecha angels.

      I hope Bix is awesome. It certainly looks awesome from what I can make of it.

      ETA: Is that a claw arm? o_o;
    17. Guuuhhh... if it's a boy...... crap. I really wish I had money......I'm such a sucker for boys.....
    18. Gah! Curse them, this is the worst tease yet! I must see more!

      I love what I see so far for the face-up. And I wonder, how functional the "claw" is?
    19. I totally agree with the cancer assumption gogo crazy crab action!? I'm hoping it's a boy too, looks really interesting ;o
    20. i just notice something totally random, looking at the pic far away, it look like the head is sideway, and the claw is the head armor >.> just sillyness. I was starting at soom webpage when i notice it >.>