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Soom Monthly Doll (July) the Second Land: Cass - Abyss Rhapsody

Jul 24, 2009

    1. Opening up a discussion thread for Soom's July MD, Cass: Abyss Rhapsody.
      The lovely lady can be found here: http://www.dollsoom.com/shop/step1.php?number=3708


      Unless they do something seriously bizarre with her, I am completely Soomed. I have never had an MD take me in so completely and utterly from first sight. I think I'll be spending the weekend going nuts until I can see the rest of her.

      Come to think of it, I have never fallen so in love so quickly with any doll.

      Bravo, Soom!
    2. I'm Soomed too. I was planning on getting a Glot (I've got some offers) in September when I return from holiday and now I seriously don't know what to do. She's amazing. Those features are so pretty! If I don't like her I'll see the one for August and if I don't like that I'll get Glot.
      But DAMN she looks amazing. And those ears are so detailed. <333 Can't wait to see all of her.
    3. I'm also absolutely itching to see more photos of this girl - I LOVE what I see so far, and if she really is the mermaid I'm hoping she'll be, I'm in deep trouble!!
      I wonder how delicate those ears are ...
    4. This is me *_* I don't even want to keep my Cuprit because she's too big, but I fell head over heels for Cass the second I opened the page :doh I won't be getting her, I simply can't afford it, but even Cuprit I had to consider if I liked her or not for a few days before making a decision, with Cass... it was just "OMG DO WANT D8" as soon as I saw her >_< Damndamndamndamndamn you soom.

      I will anticipate her coming home to everyone who does get her though, there will be much fangirling from me for all you lucky peoples!! :fangirl:
    5. She does look a bit different than your usuall soom, she has such a gentle face! Probably the most gentle I have ever seen on a soom doll. Unfortunatly I dont think she will fit into my collection as a whole doll, but the head is amazing!
    6. I can smell the doom from here on this one. I was always such a complete sucker for werewolves and mermaids, and they're getting me one right after the other.

      Someone needs to find that old star trek movie footage with Kirk yelling, "KHAAAAAAAAN!" and swap it out with "SOOOOOOOOM!" right about now. :lol:

      Hard to tell if she's SG or MA. I would guess SG, though, since I haven't seen any new MA heads in over a year now.

      So incredibly gorgeous.

      Edit: Oh, and this time I'll say it! Though I don't plan to do it myself, that face is charmingly androgynous and it'll be interesting to see the Cass boys. (Shocking, isn't it?! Coming from me, anyway! ;) )
    7. Soomed here. Only for parts, of course, since that's all I ever want. But I'm uttery taken by her. Thankfully, her facial features are similar enough to Iplehouse's Jessica (I have her on layaway) that I don't feel the need to own her in her entirety.

      EDIT: I hope her ears are removable, like Eliv's and Iv's and Vega's ears.
    8. I love her and I'm really waiting for more pictures of her! ^.^ The ears are gorgeous!!!
    9. I was Soomed by Cuprit but Cass..... not really... dun have the feel/connection ... haha >_< Maybe it is the cover picture... *Wait for more pictures to be up!
    10. Icon win. Do want! Must make!

      Edit: Spread the love and feel free to use.
    11. *busts up laughing* I think I officially love you, aceinit. Stealing that immediately for LJ use on any and all doll posts. That is -perfect-!

      ...because you know half of us make that face any time they post something new.

      *goes to work overtime immediately* Do want this girl, no two ways about it. She has that beautifully ancient, ageless quality about her that just screams 'sea goddess' to me.

      I wonder if she'll have arms/hands/ears/lower body like Amber? 'cause that's going to be a LOT of extra bits and parts. If the ears are removable that will be a big plus. I love her as she is but would love a 'fully human' version, which is the one thing Amber can't -quite- do.
    12. Hmmm.... very interesting! Her face strikes me as extremely art nouveau, which is pretty awesome. I'm glad she doesn't have the same poofy Topaz/Vesuvia/Heliot lips that they've been so fond of lately. It'll be exciting to see what people do with her ;)
    13. I love her face, is so different from most of the other soom girls, at least from those pics. Grrr... Soom stop >o<
    14. Crazy Kirkface is crazy. I can't believe I found that photo. Google,I :aheartbea thee.

      I noticed the change in lips with Chrom and was pleased as well. Something about their lips always struck me as confusion, as though they were on the verge of saying "huh?"

      I am so intrigued by Cass's arms and can't wait to see how they handle the lower half of her. The white resin is to die for. Soom has a tendency to throw curveballs, so I'm not expecting a standard mermaid tail. I'm interested to see if they will handle her legs like Eliv/Iv or Vega or do something completely new.

      I also love what I can see of her outfit. That color is perfect.

      I've gone in for splits for bits and pieces of previous MDs but never been pulled in by the whole package when it comes to their larger ones. Glati was my first MD purchase, and I have a feeling this girl will be mine in all her fullset glory. Even though I have no idea whatsoever what I will do with any fishy parts. Depending on how they look, I may be able to complete my water nymph character.

      It's 3:30 am here. I should so be in bed by now. Thanks for ruining my chances at sleep for the next 48 -72 hours, Soom. Since I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't sleep, let's sepculate: NS or WS? I've been praying for Soom to do more NS MDs, but with Cass I don't know which skintone I am hoping for.
    15. He he... don't get me wrong, I love the lip poofyness for painting, and because they're cute, but Chrom and Cass have been super refreshing because they're not quite as "oh, another pretty Soom face". Chrom's nose is what set him apart for me, but Cass's eyeshape and lips are definitely a nice change. It'll be exciting to see what the fantasy bits come out like too!
    16. Yep, this.

      I've been wanting a girl I can work into a tableau of Sargeant's 'Madame X' for -years-, and have looked at fashion dolls, BJDs, etc. searching for one -- and her face looks like it might be ideal for it. (I'd been thinking 'hmm, Vega' since, heck, check out that honker: http://www.artchive.com/artchive/s/sargent/madame_x.jpg (entirely work safe))

      Not quite Art Nouveau, but the mermaid will get the Mucha treatment!
    17. It really is -perfect-. *grin*

      I'm betting on WS, but either would be lovely. WS might be more 'undersea'? Though one of the water ones was a tan doll, so it's really hard to guess at this point. It would be nice if they gave the NS/WS option like they did with Io again for some of these, but I have a feeling that would add to the production time, which is something I don't think they want to do at this point.
    18. I just think that she looks like different because she is the master of deneb and vega ! ^^

      they are both Mécha angel and look like more mature so I think that she is also a MA ^^
    19. Mucha is actually just what I was thinking - even the hair they have her in kind of calls out for it.
      She looks white-skin to me - but the blushing is a little warmer colored than some of the others have been.
    20. Ooh, I hadn't thought of the possible MA angle. I sincerely hope she isn't that large. That would make her too large for me. One thing I have learned is I'm very picky about size. I had to sell my two Dollmores, who I adored, because they did not fit in size-wise with the rest of my dolls. I simply could not get past it, no matter how hard I tried. If Cass is MA, she'll be huge in comparison to everyone else. Even my Beryl irks me sometimes because she is taller than all of my boys -- and, until about an hour ago -- she was my dream doll. As much as I absolutely freaking love Cass, if she is an MA it might be a dealbreaker for me. :...(:...(:...(