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Soom Monthly Doll June 07 - Mecha Angel Sabik Cyborg

May 18, 2007

    1. Really cool! First time I see a decent posable-fingers hand, and the terminator stuff is amazing. Maybe they will release a Schwarzenegger's head, LOL.
    2. Oh wow! that is so cool! I've always wanted jointed hands...
    3. Wow, that is such a weird hand!!! I was hoping it'd be more metalic, but I guess that can be painted.
      I adore how Soom keeps making such unique versions of Sabik...he's going to be such an amazing doll to see develop!!
    4. WOW! That is soo Awesome!!!
    5. never seen any other doll like this before!!!It is good to develope new types...
    6. I'm already completely in love with the normal Sabik... but now a CYBORGSABIK? j w j <333333
      I'm really interested in seeing how the arm actually works!
    7. Rats, I was hoping it would be all metallic like from Full Metal Alchemist or something. I wonder if he could be bought without the creepy hand... O.o
    8. ZOMFG that hand is cool! O: Oooh maaaaaaaaaaaan I wish I wanted a Sabik. I'm such a hands junkie it's not even funny, but he's too big for me. Rats!
    9. What size wig does Sabik wear? Is there a measurement chart anywhere?
      Can he wear any other companie's shoes? Like the SD16 Volks ones, perhaps?
    10. Does anyone know how many of him will be released?
    11. He will be mine, oh yes. And May 24 is my birthday - perfect justification!

      And I'll need to find someone to customize that arm for me, I have the perfect idea in mind.
    12. Sforza has one of Soom's gem size wigs (9-10 inch size) and it fits him very nicely; he can just about fit in some SD13 shoes (he can squash his feet into His Majesty's Leekeworld boots, for example), but at the moment, Sforza is wearing Model doll boots (for the rock'n'roll style. :lol: )
    13. Holy cow, his hands are AMAZING! :o :o :o
    14. That's awesome! Now I really want a Sabik... >w>;
    15. I really really like it and I am wondering how the hell to get the money for this cyborg arm (as the character of Vetti Sforza certainly has one!). I have the boy, I just need the most essential part! :XD: Typical! :lol: Still, it's not quite what I had in mind, so this may save me depending on further photos. XD (I have quite a specific image). For now, Sforza's bandages stay in place. :thumbup

      According to Soom, " including: - assembled Sabik doll, spare cyborg arm and ball jointed hand part(normal skin type)

      The arm and hand would seem to be extra; if you want him without, you might have a buyer for the extra arm in me if you don't like it; or indeed in other current Sabik owners who don't want to buy another whole boy for the arm (as i love Sforza! I don't need another! :D *huggles Sforza*
    16. Dang. :P Here I was just speculating that Xian Li needs a giant cyborg guy to bum around with.

      ...Crap. ;_;
    17. I dont think im to excited about the fingers but the cyborg thing is pretty neat.
    18. I can't wait to see the paintjobs done to those arms... so many things you could od with them! <3
    19. Oh gawd, that elbow is pure sex. @_@
      I wish I could get him, even though I have no idea what I'd do with such a huge doll but omg, cyborg. T______T