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Soom Monthly Doll (March) the Second Land: Cuprit - Black Frost

Mar 24, 2009

    1. I'll go out on a limb and post his/her thread here. :sweat

      She looks gorgeous! I love his/her ears and look so far. I thought Cuprit in Glot and Glati's story was male, but that is a rather feminine face. Are those black horns I see?

      Am I Soomed AGAIN? *_* I really like what I see so far. Will we all be Soomed again?

      Here is the link!


      Edit: I think Cuprit is definitely a girl now that I look longer.
    2. Wow~ She has horns! And her outfit is amazing...yeah i can tell it is so a girl! It looks like a dark Topaz...and a little bit of heliot mixed in there as well...some sorta child of theres?
    3. God she is gorgeous. She's got such a wonderful dark color scheme. I can't tell if those are horns or a high collar? I'm definitely excited about seeing the rest of her photos.
    4. I love every soom MD doll they've come out with. He/She is beautiful but so far not enough for me to forfeit my wallet. Although I'm loving her wings and am most curious on where her horns are placed! It doesn't seem like they're coming from her head...they're really close to her neck!?
    5. I was wondering about the horns too, they seem to be in her neck? Maybe we will have a counterpart for every previous MD now (aswell as the baby versions); her wings are similar to Heliot's...
    6. Oh they could be sholder horns! You know...or dark resin wings?
    7. She sorta reminds me of a raven with those black wings. She's gorgeous though.
    8. I really want Soom to finally make a 60cm monthly line... but I'm worried she may be another Super Gem or maybe even a Mecha Angel, just too big for me. Imho, it's the prettiest of the monthly faces so far (just wait, it ends up being a boy).
    9. Oh heck no....Please God no :cries: :(. *prays for steel will*

      I hope she's gem sized so I can't get her. But something tells me she may be SG.
    10. If she has hooves... I don't know how I'll resist. I've held out so long but it's getting harder and harder to do so.
    11. I'm so glad I don't do girls. Though I like the color of those eyes.
    12. Whoa! How very FF12 ^^. Charming and charismatic, but not one for my hoard. I'll be all over the owner pics though XD. Ooh, I hope someone with a Beryl gets her. What a cute couple that would make.
    13. I'm also glad that I'm not into girl dolls, AND that they're mixing the tinies with the bigger sized dolls every other month.
      At least my bank account can recover!
      Or more likely get ready to be destroyed once again...>.>
      I must say though, in my opinion Cuprit's face sculpt has to be the prettiest out of all the girl MD sculpts so far.
      She's definitely gorgeous.
    14. I am very curious though of what her size is... because if shes gem sized... that'll give me some hope they'll make more gem size MDs.. XD
    15. Cuprit the 'God of Dark Kind' has very fine, delicate features... I suppose Soom wouldn't distinguish a god from a goddess. lol. I love her eyes, but I'm not 100% on her mouth yet. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

      I wonder if she might have talons like Euclase?
    16. I've been waiting since Glot and Glati for this one... I honestly was hoping for the Darkness element, which I was hoping and praying (and still am..) for a grayskin boy of some manner, maybe a Tiny for my Amber, to be her baby? So I was a little shocked to see an elfgirl...

      But now the more I look at her the more I'm thinking I'll end up with another girl! XD And here I want a boy so bad, if only I can hold out another month...

      But I was really diapointed to have missed out on Topaz, so I might just bite the bullet when she goes live, we'll see when the rest of her is reveiled!
    17. See, she really reminds me of Onyx, much more then Amber or Topaz.... but darn, I love those ears!
    18. Oh, wow. Her face is beautiful, and those horns seem very intriguing. I wish the picture wasn't so dark...ah, well. Won't know how much I like her until we get more photos. And she obviously has black fur/feather mix wings, like Heliot - we can see some of the feathers on the lower right, they appear to be a dark green/black iridescent color.
    19. She's really super-awesome... but quite simply, not the sculpt for me. =P This month is easy for me to resist, though she looks epically cool. Which is a good thing, as I have no money. XD And am going to try to assemble an Amber some day, so I need to gather parts and things.
    20. Ups... I Soom'ed again:)
      I think it will be she. You can see that CUPRIT are in The 2nd Land and Glot & Glati were in The 4th Land. May be it depends on sizes? I mean this:

      The 4th Land - Teenie gem

      The 3th Land - Gem ???

      The 2nd Land - Super Gem ???

      The 1st Land - Mecha Angel ???

      As at Soom site: