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Soom Monthly Doll May: Bazael - Rauco of Pain

May 13, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Wow, so how about this big fella? He has a very similar aesthetic to Monzo from last year, but that's not a bad thing to me!
    2. NICE! And it looks like the people who were asking for a big version of the male faery they released a while ago are getting their wish, too. ;)
    3. omg, i've been waiting for a grey guy and i have no money right now *waaaaah*
      I'm not sure hes a megagem though, going from his arm, it looks too skinny and more like my heliot and chalco's
    4. I hadn't even thought of that, but YES, I loved the faerie but wasn't thrilled with the size. I'm totally boned, here.
    5. This guy and Ringdoll's Frankenstein are tempting me. It's going to be a grey month hereabouts if I can wing that one.
    6. Oh, he is gorgeous so far. Love the ragged wings! He could be Nephelin's battle-scarred brother.

      I really like the gray but, please, please, please Soom, offer him in WS as the second option like you did with Auber! :eusa_pray
    7. looks promising. love the wings and horns. but if he has similar-dollzone face like others i pass.
    8. You're right, I compared my Monzo and my Lazule and Bazael doesn't have the same veiny upper arms that Monzo has, so it's likely a Super Gem, which just makes me even happier!
    9. Oooh! Is this the demony answer to Amphibel? They would make a lovely couple! :X Too bad I am broke as eff.
    10. *tries not to look*
    11. I just hope he doesnt have elf ears or a gorgeous face ;_; I cant afford him, no way
    12. Of course right when I give up on getting a big soom male, an have two layaways with them right now do they come out with this! /weep!
    13. Uuuuuh pretty : D I look forward to see more pictures of this guy ^___^

      Can't really see his face :c

      The horns and wings looks awesome! : D
    14. His face looks a little unappealing to me from that angle O.O but those fantasy parts <333333333333
      I'll have to see what his face looks like when it goes up >.>...why am I broke? LOL.
      I do love those wings and horns though D:
    15. NOO, why Soom, why?!?! I'm still paying off so many layaways. :doh:doh:doh
      I absolutely love his wings. A part of me is hoping his face won't be to my liking.... I really shouldn't buy any more dolls this year. I'm still anxiously awaiting the May ID too.
    16. ...weeeeeeell...if those wings use the same system as Nephelin's I might be keeping her body after all...lol
    17. Ahh why don't they make girls like this. T_T

      He's stunning for sure! I can see him selling well!
    18. This! I want some bad-ass girl, too! XD
    19. Exactly what I was thinking!
    20. ... I hate you soom ^^;; argh. But hey.. just looks the SuperGem I was waiting for, since I vowed not the get any MegaGems because I am getting Idealians. Now finding out where I can get more money from ^^ haha.