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Soom Monthly Doll May (Taurus) the Third Land: Sard - Night Odyssey Discussion

May 15, 2008

    1. I agree, he's probably the incubus the Beryl fans wanted. ^^
      What a fantastic mold! He's incredibly beautiful. Soom is killing me. *sigh*
    2. And he's sold out already too. :( I'm sure they'll restock him like they did Beryl. But why can't I see any pictures of him? All I can see is the first display photo and no more.

      Also, tell me if I'm right... is that Dia's face I'm seeing on him? It looks like her head.
    3. Oh my God. It's taking everything I have in me to keep from jumping up and down right now. I have been waiting for them to come out with the Incubus, and now that they do, he has Dia's face, the doll I also almost bought for them??? This is too perfect!
    4. He's not sold out. He's not on sale yet. ^^
    5. Yeah, I thought of that after I posted. I thought "But he doesn't even have a price...!"

      I am SO excited. This is the one doll I've been waiting for. He's got to be the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on. :love
    6. He looks really great! Is that head really Dia or just similar looking male head. I mean if it's Dia, I'm not going to even think about getting him. I want Dia as a woman.
    7. I have to say I don't like the face that much, I need something more manish.....
    8. Yeah, it's definitely Dia. That or a head that looks exactly like her. :lol: This is perfect for me, because I've been wanting to get Dia and make her into a man, I LOVE her face, she was the only other doll I was considering getting... until I heard about the Incubus, and I decided to wait on that. So for me, it's like all the pieces I had wanted came together into one thing. Has Soom read my mind? :love
    9. I'd say the head is same as Dia's(wich is a nice sculpt btw).
      Waiting to see pics of the whole doll~ :whee:
    10. Loagaeth, what can I say.... Lucky you!) I always have this Head+Body puzzles....
    11. I thought I would have the same thing! It's crazy how lucky I got this time!

      My bank account on the other hand? Not so lucky. :lol:
    12. Lucky you Loagaeth! My dream doll would have been the other way round, Beryl with Dia's head and with elf ears. :) Damn, I wish they would sell the head separately.

      If it is Dia's head and there's someone who don't want the head, I'd be willing to buy it from you.
    13. Loagaeth, think about my bank account! If I will buy him, I would change his head, but not all heads I like u can buy without body)) See, I have to buy incubus plus another doll and later to sell that doll body... a lot of work)
    14. I don't think you'll have any trouble getting just her head. I'm sure there will be tons of people who won't like Dia's head on the Incubus, but will buy the doll just for the body. I saw quite a few people doing that with Beryl.

      Vanilla Sky: Oh I hear you. I was going to have to do the same thing, because I did eventually plan on making a male Dia. What would your ideal head for this doll be?
    15. Oh no, no, no! I saw the Beryl and LOVED the legs and horns, but was saved by the fact that she is a girl (I don't do girls). Now this! If this is the incubus, with horns and legs, I am totally lost. Damn!
    16. doesn't he supposed to be Month doll but not FFD?
    17. yay ~ They've finally unveiled the incubus! What a slow tease.......I am dying of anticipation. I need to see the REST of him!!! He does have a nice face though :)
    18. Same here! I don't do girls either. But then I heard they were coming out with an Incubus, and I was about 95% sure I was done for. And I was right. :sweat

      Soom's site has him labelled as all the other monthly dolls are, so I'm assuming he isn't FFD. Probably just a mistake in this thread's title. :lol: