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Soom Monthly Doll May the Second Land: Chrom - Bane of Wood

May 26, 2009

    1. Ok the teaser has been posted

      I think most people think this is a boy but I think it looks like a girl I guess only time will tell. :)

      I also think I may be safe on this one.. As cool as it looks so far.. I am not feeling it.. but more photos will tell for sure.
    2. 'Bane of Wood'?! CLEARLY he is a Beaver :P

      I want to see more of him: really hoping for some poised-to-spring, taut wolf legs :D
    3. waw!!! a warewolf!!!! :))))
    4. I suppose finally NO HOOVES! YAI!!! X°°D I am in love with all my hooved boys but a news is very welcome ^^
      He looks like a boy to me *__* in the soft and gentle way the Soom boys are... awwww.... can't wait to see his photos... even if I still know I will buy him in a second XD (and than wait 5 months to see him.... =_= ).
    5. Wow he looks great!!!
      Personally I'm really loving this release, and really looked forward to it, simply because I just assumed in advance it would be a he.. and no matter HOW amazing he is, I just don't do the boy doll thing. Meaning I can drool over pictures, enjoy the excitement with everyone, then really look forward to him arriving and pictures coming out without actually having to sell a kidney to buy him!!!! xDD

      If however he turns out to actually be a SHE.. I will go cry in the corner xDD
    6. OMG - I might not be able to resist this time!
    7. I think it's a boy... And for me personally he doesn't look like my type. Soom has been putting out really soft and feminine boys (with skinny noses! Where's the big nose love, Soom?) and I was really hoping for someone more along the lines of Bix, Spinel, or Lupin (or even some of their more masculine female sculpts)... Kind of disappointing (but then again, my money is safe for now) but we'll see once we get more pictures :3

      In any case, I'm always excited to see another MD from Soom; I'm sure he'll be amazing.
    8. I love his nose! I can't wait to see more! Do you think he's normal or tan? I'm not familiar with Soom Tan.
    9. Sigh. I said I'd be safe from the grown-up puppy boy. I am such a cat person, after all. But something about him appeals to me. I'll have to reserve judgment for full pics. And hope like heck I don't like him.
    10. I think I'm in love already....but I well can't afford him XD
    11. He's totally coming home. Love the nose and the sulky mouth. Finally a non-hooved doll, not that I haven't loved them all but *bouncing with glee*
    12. for me it looks like a boy.. asian-japanese pretty boy face <-loves
      is a relief for me he 's not old-mature man looking cuz i prefer this way he is :XD: i was not able to get previous monthly boys so to me this one is ok :P
      but we'll see other details when they'll post more pics (hoping for long pretty fur tail!)
    13. his face is gorgeous...but he has furry ears!!!!!:|:doh
    14. I think I'm sold already. Now just to bug my rents for the (estimated) other $200 I need. He's likely to be my (may) birthday/xmas/(december)graduation gift.
    15. he has fur on his hands!!!!!! and ears!!!! :D
    16. oh, how I love me some werewolves!
    17. is it just me, that angle of him reminds me of gackt &#9829;_&#9829;
      the puffiness of the cheek near the full lips and that nose and eyes <3
    18. It's got to be a guy, Soom's overdue for some limited men! XD
    19. I couldn't agree more. His face is way too feminine for me. Thankfully, I'll be safe from him.

    20. He looks really interesting! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos, particularly to see how the 'hair' is done... I'm sure the legs will be lots of fun! :) The little triangle in his eye is also intriguing.