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Soom Monthly Doll November (Scorpio) the Third Land: Vesuvia - Poison Kiss

Nov 24, 2008

    1. Sexy scorpion lady! <3 Love those heels and horns.
    2. That is a cruel teaser, SOOM. Just a silhouette, huh? :P

      I love her name, though. Oh man, this girl is going to be a bombshell. I cannot wait to see more!
    3. Oh~ I can't wait to see how that tail works! ^o^/
    4. indeed and i'm in need of a female body anywho
      and those thorns and tail can be put to good use :)
    5. I hope her face is beautiful, because the silhouette almost looks... kinda corny, in my opinion. :sweat
    6. I wonder if she'll be another odd resin colour. :o
    7. That tail is a dead giveaway...sexy, deadly scorpion queen. She's going to be gorgeous!
    8. Ohh...I'm exsited! Thank gods i have no money right now...never had money for these events Darn...
    9. indeed i saw that tale and i was like 'i know that tail anywhere' of course that teaser is just like souldoll O.o so it going to be a hard choice, but yea. Of course her mini skirt and high heel, make 'sailor moon' pop into my head for some reason >.>
    10. I really like what I have seen so far. Very cool.
    11. excited here!
      i guess her name is alluding to Mount Vesuvius? (I've been there!!) But that kinda confuses me because that really connotates to fire and scopio is a water sign. but then again they are supposedly also connected to the phoenix.

      she'll be a perfect girlfriend for Bix! XD
    12. I'm kind of with you. So far not impressed, but I could be eating my words when she is released, lol. I feel very, very safe this month. My bank account is singing praises.

      Then again the female head molds slay me. XD;; It would be rather cool she was dark skinned, sort of like cocoa, but I doubt it.
    13. Wow, she looks great! I wonder if the tail will be completely jointed, or just have a joint at the tip/rear. I'm not too sure about those spikes on the head, though. What are they going to be? Chelicerae?
    14. well even if your safe from the gal with Soom, Souldoll still got that deadly centaur awaiting for your money :sweat
    15. A tail, wow! NEAT.

      I'm curious about those horns/spikes/ears/what have you. They seem to add a high cute factor to the teaser... Wonder what they'll really look like. Hmmmmm.....

      Though, I'm certain I won't be purchasing her. I'm sure she'll be amazing, but I'm just not all too taken by Soom's girls. They're a bit too bold for my tastes, overall.
    16. I have to be honest, if she's any sort of modified Dia or any other big beautiful lipped girl I'll definitely be hurting in the wallet area. :...(
    17. Oh, I can't wait to see her. Yes, with the background and all I can't help but wonder if she's going to have a different skin coloring as others in the past, and I can't wait to see what they do with that tail. The spikes on her shoes are rather interesting as well.
      Darn, to bad I'm flat broke.... ah well there will be other months I guess..
    18. Technically, there are too many segments in her tail. However, the scorpion telson on the heels is pretty bad ass. I'm pretty sure my fiance, Mr. Scorpion-Know-It-All has just been Soomed despite her inaccuracies. :D
    19. Hmm, she looks very interesting. Whatever's on her head looks liked cat ears to me though, at first glance. I'm pretty excited to see what she actually looks like. And the tail. That's looking interesting.