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Soom Monthly Doll November the Second Land: Galena - Deity Pitta

Nov 25, 2009

    1. omg!!!! breathe...breathe ...

      edit - *composes self*
      I totally didn't expect grey ... This changes a lot of things ...
      Shes very pretty ^_^ and she has the wings.... hmmm need more pics to tell if I like them or not... But I might be begging someone to lend me money for the human form... if there is 1 O.o
    2. My god, she's more gorgeous than I could have hoped for! She reminds me more of Onyx than of Euclase/Topaz, too.

      I think Galena is going to be the 'Shadow Onyx' to my Cuprit's 'Light Onyx'...

      And just look at those wings! :D
    3. Looks like she has wings like Alk & Yrie.

      Also, looks like they might be partially transparent. 0_o
    4. I was thinking that ... welll they look grey towards the bottom... then white in the middle and transparent towards the ends... but it could be photoshop warping my brain >.<
    5. I am really sorry that i have had a few problems with SOOM, cause i might be getting this one as well :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
      But on layaway, my god they are expensive!!! :D but worth it ;)
    6. Oh my freaking God! My prayers have been answered! A GREY DOLL!!!! MUST HAVE! omg omg *does hamster dance*. I am buying her, no power in the 'verse can stop me!
    7. Hmmm, I'm not really impressed by her face...
    8. I think the gold (along the top 'edge' of the wing, close to her face) is blushing, but the white (in the top right of the picture) is just Soom's usual photoshop manipulations.

      I could be completely wrong, but I don't think Soom is up to making 'mixed' resin parts - all their clear parts so far have all been separate pieces. Even Cass's finny arms (which combine clear and solid resin into one 'piece') are made of two different components. Galena's wings seem to be one piece, so I think they're more likely to be solid resin.

      I'm not really sold on her as a blonde (grey and... yellow?), but her makeup will look gorgeous with a black wig, and her skin would complement just about any colour if it's really grey.
    9. Ah yeah, another soom female with a blonde wig *sigh*- I think 80% of them has blonde or blondish wigs.
    10. Her face is very reminiscent of the AiL heads.
    11. I was just gonna say that Kiya! She has Chloe lips...
    12. Well thats me soomed again, her face is stunning
    13. Female MDs:
      Beryl (blonde)
      Vesuvia (blonde)
      Amber (blonde)
      Cuprit (blonde)
      Cass (blonde)
      Galena (blonde)

      Topaz (orange)
      Deneb (brown)
      Onyx (brown)
      Shadow Onyx (black)

      Male MDs:
      Sard (grey)
      Sphaler (white)
      Heliot (white)
      Chrom (brown/red)
      IO (brown)
      Euclase (black)

      Bix (black)
      Vega (black)

      You're right, Neffy! Soom definitely seem to like their girls blonde (in fact, every MD girl this year has been blonde! I hadn't even noticed that!)
    14. sharnofshade, lol lol, daaamn nice work :D.
    15. I love the intensity of her face and she is gorgeous! However as much as it pains me, I'll have to pass unless she comes in a WS or NS option. Gotta draw the line somewhere and there are just no grey skinned characters in my world. :(

      Sooo pretty though!
    16. craaaaaappppppppp I may just need to get this one >.> Not good, I need to get myself an Iplehouse Yur. *cringes as she waits for the rest of the pics*

      Any idea when those are due?
    17. SHE'S MINE!!!! I have no need for the bird parts though ...
    18. Are they doing the fees for layaway now? I lost track. I'm still deciding what to do. Love the face -and- the faceup (some of the recent ones haven't really grabbed me the way that one does) and want two grey girls to go with my grey boys. (And there's a Luna on the way, so that's one... )
    19. I found my Christmas present @___@