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Soom Monthly Doll October (Libra) the Third Land: Euclase - The last judgement

Oct 20, 2008

    1. [thread=250931]Link to News thread[/thread]

      Link to Soom page

      Well He certainly is interesting!!
    2. wow)) ears))
    3. No one could ever accuse Soom of being predictable-I love them for that!
    4. definately curious to see this guy fully!
    5. Yes it's a breathtaking fullset, they did it again! <3 (and yay! it's a boy!!)
      The make-up is gorgeous! And I like the way they choose the judgment, as expected for Libra, but in an "egytian" way. ^^
      - do you think he will be available in grey and normal like Onyx?
      - the long ears are only for the sleeping head or removable?
    6. I think the long ears will probably be removable, but I could be wrong. I am very curious to see more of him! He looks white skin in the picture, though I am hoping they will also offer him in normal skin. We will see!!
    7. Ah crap.

      There goes the bank account again.

      edit: anyone else notice that the hands in the crossed arm picture look a little claw like? Not the normal, elegant looking soom hands anyway....
    8. *sob* Nooooo, Egyptian-esque things are my weakness.
      I'll want that jerk just for the outfit.

      I'm intrigued by the ears... I wonder what the rest of him is going to look like, those hands are all claw stabby. I hope to see the hands in different poses, there's something about them I'm not liking...

      Ugh, I can't wait to see the rest...
    9. Did anyone see those claws/long-nailed hands? :D

      Oooh man, I hope/pray/curse that he's in gray only because I'm sorely tempted if he's available in NS or WS.
    10. ...Think I could be doomed either way - in the grey a perfect partner to onyx when she arrives (one more payment!) or in the white, for Sard;)

      Now, I think we just have to start praying for the aud dollar to go up and things should be fine. Barring anything else being release that wants to come home....
    11. Yep...I'm doomed...he'd look perfect with my Grey Onyx TwT
      But I'm not sure if I want 2 grey dolls (if he comes in grey)

      His claws, wing ears and outfit are absolutly AMAZING!

    12. He is very, very pretty. ^__^ I'm a little confused by the ears (when I first saw him I thought they were rabbit ears), but that outfit is just WOW!
    13. Usually, how many days after the preview is the sale?
      I'm not sure about the claws, want to see more.
    14. soom I hate you oO!

      1. for releasing another boy I want but certainly CANT afford

      2. more importantly oO this means sagitarious will PROBABLY be a boy u__u (my sign) GIVE ME GIRLS SO I DONT FEEL HELPLESSLY IN LOVE

      u___u Part of me wants to see what the rest of this lovely boy looks like, and another part fears looking and pawing.
      >< but I already killed my funds moving and buying Io. Ahhh soooooom *kicks*
    15. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG this reminds me of Ouke no Monshou! pharaoh Memphis!!!!!!!! I love the manga and him.................so much. OMG :o:o
    16. OMG! Is this Anubis? I don't like the black nails though, would have preferred them in gold or something... Ah, those are ears... I thought they were wings at first --> oops...

      [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The ancient Egyptians believed that the heart recorded all of the good and bad deeds of a person's life, and was needed for judgment in the afterlife. After a person died, the heart was weighed against the feather of Maat (goddess of truth and justice). The scales were watched by Anubis (the jackal-headed god of embalming) and the results recorded by Thoth (the ibis-headed god of writing). If a person had led a decent life, the heart balanced with the feather and the person was rendered worthy to live forever in paradise with Osiris.[/FONT]
    17. Can I just say I screamed with delight when I looked at the Soom site this morning and my boyfriend came running in all startled.

      This doll is amazing beyond belief. What a lovely face. Looks like all the speculators going on about a handsome boy with wings were right on the button. I'm thinking grey skin with two different heads, one sleeping with the wing ears and one without. So basically he is Orisis God of the Afterlife with that grey skin, who is described as green or grey. Nice.

      Sigh....Plus he's a SuperGem. I might as well just give Soom my bank account number and be done with it.
    18. Oh god...
      -waves goodbye to all remaning moneys in the overdraft-
      The eyes... the fingers... the winged ears... it is really what I wasn't expecting and I am so in love!
    19. :abow: Well, they have done it again. My goodness.
      I didn't realize those were ears, I thought they were wings.:doh No matter, that is a beautiful doll. The creativity of the Soom group just amazes me. Stunning. I can't wait for more photos.

      And yes, I join the chorus of those chanting, "Soomed!!":arainclou
    20. I wonder is he MechaAngel or Super Gem... if he's a mecha Angel I am not getting... too big.