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SOOM Monthly Doll September the Second Land: Sphaler - Millennium Mireu

Sep 21, 2009

    1. Sphaler's teaser has been released!
      Discuss, I know you want to!
      EDIT: I got a message from Soom asking me to change the picture as the one that was posted was only a prototype model. The new pic is the REAL Sphaler and damn he is hot.
    2. It's a chinese dragon!! hence the horns, and the 'reptilian' hands. Very accurated and quite representative, even if so far I am not very fond of the face features. But the horns totally look great!

      I must admit I did not see this coming at all. I was expecting a gray Heliot ala Bygg, so this white dragon guy caught me totally unaware. I wonder if he will have a tail? XD
    3. Holy moly, he's stunning :o

      Too bad I can't get him in any kind of way :|
    4. he looks chinese!! O.O rounder nose, flatter lips, rounder chin~~~~~~~~ o.O and the clothes... or maybe i should say a korean? >_<
    5. I love him. He's stunning. I won't be able to get him, but I'm looking forward to the rest of him :)
    6. ooh, cool. What a mix here. You know if it weren't for all the extras I would not have picked this guy as a Soom boy. I can't wait to see a front on shot to get a better look at the face.

      I love the ears - fur or feathers?

      and I wonder what the feet will be like! I love how they release photos, so fun! and this one is good because it's Monday today so hopefully we'll see more soon.
    7. Cool!! i love to see the other pictures soon!
    8. YES! I am so happy that I do not want this boy. I don't think my bank account could take it. His clothes are very lovely though compared to the last couple of monthlies. I only wish he had the Soom pout but I'm liking his face just not deer parts.
    9. ewww, I don't like him at all ... I am highly disaapointed this month :(
    10. Is it just me.. or does he look more like Amber/Euclase than Heliot/Onyx :\ I know i shouldnt pick on such things because he's pretty.. but I was kind of expecting something more... heliotish...
    11. I am wondering what leg parts he will have. If they have claws I so want them. But he doesnt do much for me although he IS stunning! But on the other hand Ive never been into boy dolls anyway. In a way its good that im safe this month XD. Love the horns though!
    12. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far :) I have to say though, I am suprised by this twist because I thought for certain that it would be a unicorn.

      I'm not sure I like him enough to get him but I'm looking what I can see of the outfit.
    13. I don't like this hand, but the others parts seems very fun.
    14. I was thinking the same thing. I had a bit of a double take when I refreshed the page thinking maybe they uploaded the Air god as opposed to the Light god.
      Can't wait for more info though. I wanna see what those leggies will be like!
    15. I'm SO in love with his horns and that outfit is AMAZING. I can't wait to see the rest of him. If he has horns then he has leg parts, hopefully hooves. His resin looks inbetween white and grey. Think that is a new color? Or maybe he's just blushed in grey on white skin, hard to tell.

      His hands scare me lol. Its like the monster under the bed sort of hand. >.>;

      So far like his face, he looks so peaceful and mysterious. Wasn't taken by his face at first, but the more I look the more personality I see.

      Edit - He made me think of Euclase too, just a softer look (especially the nose).
    16. Did some searching and apparently Mireu is a korean air/sky dragon.
    17. Well my heart just broke a little bit :(
      I was really hoping for the grey unicorn too.
      On the bright side...no I'm still looking for one...where is it??

      I like the horns (?) and outfit.
    18. Oh man I was hoping that . . .

      I'm in serious trouble now.
    19. I actually like Soom playing the unpredictability card this time ;).