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Soom Monthly Doll September (Virgo) the Third Land: Topaz - Honey Dew

Sep 19, 2008

    1. Link to Soom page.


      Honey...I'm sold, male or female,i'm getting it, if it the right size :D. It the ears, plus, I need a lovely fairy anywho! Soom have got me good this time, i can't pass this one up, no matter what -.- it what i been hunting for!
    2. Oh...My...God.... Is there anymore I can say? No.
    3. wow I have to admit that Soom's females are my favorites!!!
      Too beautful for words.
    4. I just realize I can finally create my Siren doll that I've wanted to make for so long!!! Okay I'll stop, I am just SO in love...
    5. It's not just blurry eyes on my part is it? Her ears are transparent??? OMG that's so cool! :fangirl:
    6. i think this little one have got us all,hook,line,and sinker no? i mean i can't think of one 'good' reason to pass this up, with layaway and everything!
    7. O.O oh dear...she is so pretty. I have no characters for her but I bet I can come up with one xD

      Edit: It reminds me of this pic. Link
    8. Oh what a pretty thing she is. Such delicate features! And those gorgeous ears! :love Her mouth is even cute. (I usually do not like Soom girl mouths.)

      I SO cannot afford her. :...( *points at layaway list in sig* Maybe someone will do a split in the MP and I can get the head!

      ETA: I am so very impressed with Soom. They keep taking these Zodiac dolls to new and exciting places. What could have been a pretty, but boring, girl in a white dress has turned out to be an enchanting and unique doll. I cannot wait to see the rest of her, even if I cannot manage to get her. I hope she is winged, too!
    9. She's jaw dropping gorgeous! :o If I had money I'd totally do layaway.
    10. Nggghh.


      D: Must....fight....must....*whimpers*
    11. Does Soom do layaway? Because I MUST have her... I will find a way...

    12. indeed they do, that's why i'm always broke!!! *stares down at her layaways :sweat&
    13. Yes, Weslie, they do layaway :).
    14. Oh no. Oh no no no. I knew Soom was going to get me with one of their monthly dolls eventually and I have the sinking feeling that this might just be the one. I've made it through the whole year so far without being tempted, not even by Beryl or Sard with those fabulous hooves... but those ears might just be my downfall. The EARS. AGH! :o
    15. O-O



      Eeegh, it's such a treat every month seeing what Soom has cooked up for us to stare at this time X) Now tell me... have I lost my mind, or does she have semitransparent ears? o_o either that or beautifully brushed ones.
    16. There will be two at the Portland meetups then. Because they've got me. They've got me HARD.
    17. I'm sold. She'll make a very cute boy.

      Bai-bai monies. :...(

      Edit: Looks sorta on the smaller size? Maybe Gem sized?
    18. I was *really* hoping I'd hate the doll they made for my sign. Now I have to worry that she'll sell out before I get her.
    19. They sure look semi-transparent to me. :D

      Someone needs to remind me that I do not have any transparent-eared elf characters...