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Soom Monthly (Zodiac) Doll Speculation thread '08 Part 2

Oct 30, 2008

    1. Here's the new thread for to continue the specualting!

      I'm still hoping that whatever gender the Scorpio is, it's something along the lines of fabulous fantasy body armor a la Coppola's Dracula! :D
    2. Uuu, I love how that sounds. <3
      Though I must say, I hope there's no more drop dead gorgeous dolls, I already have bought to and buying the third monthly doll. XD
    3. What kind of sign is Scorpio? Earth? Air? I really have no idea. But I think that the elemental of the sign may contribute to the coloring of the doll if it will be similar to Bix. I personally would love to see a Bix-like girl in red/earthy tones. ;)
    4. i hope scorpio is a gold color.
    5. Seconded. The outfit for Bix had some elements that reminded me of the weird fusion of that and the desert suits from Lynch's Dune, actually.

      If it's a girl in that kind of outfit -- the Eiko style or the one they used for Bix -- I know I am completely doomed, though, so I'm almost rooting against it at this point.
    6. Scorpio is a water sign, feminine, ruled by Mars. It's colors are black, dark red and maroon. It's the scorpion, dark red coloring and Mars association with war that makes me hope for the Dracula armor.
    7. *sigh* thats me to a T :love Arent we a lovely breed LOL I'm REALLY hoping I hate the doll, no-more laybys this decade LOL and the exchange rate wont stand between me and something totally GORGEOUS!!! OMG I am so soomed oops I mean doomed...
    8. haha, soom sure know how to knock us dead eh?
    9. Yeah they do! So I'm kinda a lost cause at this point.

      A female version of Bix....:love

      Yep, Soomed.
    10. Did anybody (or everybody) else notice the pattern that Soom has been following regarding the Gender of the dolls? The first six are opposite of the associated gender of the sign!! (Masculine+Feminine)

      Aquarius Sign-Masculine Deneb-Female
      Pisces Sign-Feminine Vega-Male
      Aires Sign-Masculine Beryl-Female
      Taurus Sign-Feminine Sard-Male
      Gemini Sign-Masculine Onyx-Female
      Cancer Sign-Feminine Bix-Male

      And then we got two boys in a row because they switched back to the gender normally associated with the sign:

      Leo Sign-Masculine Io-Male
      Virgo Sign-Feminine Topaz-Female
      Libra Sign-Masculine Euclase-Male

      If this pattern holds true......Scorpio is a Feminine, Saggitarius is a Masculine, and Capricorn is a Feminine sign. ;) Oh noes, Male Saggitarius! I'm Soooooomed!!! :...(
    11. It would be cool if scorpio had scale armor to make it look like an exoskeleton
    12. If you're right, Miss Pygmalion....yay!! Female Capricorn!!!!!!!
    13. It's funny, but when they brought out Sard, my first thought was he'd be perfect for Sagitarius, being the Ram and all. But, after doing both Sard and beryl, I doubt they will do another hormed/hooved doll for Sagitarius, which leaves me baffled as to what they WILL do. LOL

      I sure love looking at all of them however, they are all magical and really unique. Thank God however that the only one who has nabbed me is Topaz. I'd be up a creek if I had the reaction I have to her, with all of them.
    14. I'm thinking something like this:

      What we've already seen, and my odd speculations
      *sorry about the odd danish, It says Sagittarius?(Centaur archer)*


      I'd love to see something like this though...
    15. Oh my, that would be fabulous Leechy!!!!
    16. Kay, no, stop right there, Idrisfynn-chan and Surreality-chan. srsly. I do not need to spend another $1300. *L* And you know I WILL, if there's Dracula/Dune armour involved. Dammit. *L*

      Woo tiny plastic scorpion? :sweat:

      Not to mention horse legs. I have been obsessed with both horses AND mythology since age 3... I CANT STAND THIS. *_*
      Knowing my luck both Scorpio and Sagittarius will be perfect, and I will have to buy them, thus causing my girlfriend to kick me out, which means the kids at Soom will have no other moral or resposible option but to adopt me and let me live in their warehouse. Humph.
    17. If he's anything like Leechy's first picture....yes we are both majorly soomed! (if he comes with a bow/arrow set, we are getting that option :D)
    18. Actually, I kinda like the sound of a Phoenix for Saggitarius..... being a Fire sign and all. ;)

      EDIT: Or..... Archery is associated with the Greek god Apollo..... :D (Wiki is mah friend)
    19. Oh, no oh no oh nooo!!!

      If Saggitarius involves a male archer that is completely GORGEOUS.... I'll be SOOMED. yes, soomed!

      I has no funds... My wallet just told me to scram!
    20. Apollo also used those arrows to infect people with the plauge... xD So hopefully thats not the case if the SOOM Doll does indeed have a bow and arrow set!