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Soom Namu Voice of Angel Twins

Jul 4, 2006

    1. Okay, I'm still kind of new to all the companies and such, but how can Soom be offering 2 60cm dolls for only $849? And that's coming with wigs, eyes, outfits, plus they're two different skintones. I assume they're 60cm, because the normal Namu is 60cm. Am I wrong? Is there something about Soom that people should know? Are they fishy or something? This seems like a crazy deal!

      Here's the link for those interested:
    2. I'm planning on buying them. I love Namu and can't resist twins.
      It's a lot cheaper because they're unassembled. You have to string them yourself. ^^
    3. Ooooh. How hard is it to string a doll? Because, dang, that's an awesome price for 2 dolls with everything included (plus face-ups and tattoos — I forgot to mention those).
    4. It can't be too difficult, since everyone seems to be able to do it. I've never done it myself, but I can't wait to try. ^^
    5. Restringing is really easy. Here is a thread I put up about stringing. It has step-by-step instructions and video clips to go with them. If you have any questions when the time comes, feel free to ask in the thread and I'll help if I can ^_^
    6. Those two are lovely. I was hpoing these two would encourage more people to buy Namu's, I really want to see more of him.

      Stringing isn't hard. and even if you do buy an assembled doll, you will probaly jave to re-stringing it yourself anyway at sometime because they become loose. Better to learn now?
    7. i bought them! and i'm really hoping that stringing is as easy as everyone says it is. but i'm excited to learn how from the manual so i don't have to be so scared to do it with my other dolls! can't wait to see everyone's twins!
    8. When did the twins become available? Oooh, i really want a Camine for my first doll . . . but twins with stuff costing the same as Camine with stuff. . . so conflicted.

      And Soom isn't helping with their free shipping. >.<
    9. they've been available since june 30, i think.
      namu is a face that grows on you..... i love him.
    10. Wow Namu Twins, thats so cool. I just LOVE my Zenko(Soom Namu) he is my first boy. He has the most wonderful face. If I get these I will have Namu triplets!!hehe.


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    11. I said I was going to stop at 10 boys....but Soom just had to release the twin angels.....so I will be ordering them....assembled though cos I don't like stringing my boys and will avoid it anyway I can. Soom will assemble them for an extra fee.
    12. UFKs are a drug. Even I'm tempted, and I have Soom twins already.
    13. Hopefully the twins will encourage more to buy Namus, but I'm kind of glad they're not so popular yet. I already have an El and I didn't even know how popular he was when I bought him!

      Namu's the second doll I fell in love with, so I'm planning on him being my next to buy also. I got excited over the twins because I hope it means there will soon be a white skin option for Namu. I'd have a character in mind if there were.

      This makes me want to oogle the twins again and dream of the time I can actually afford another doll... *sighs*
    14. If you have any trouble let me know and St. James and I will help you. It's a good excuse to manhandle your Namus!:sneaky I'm sooo self-serving.:sweat
    15. My roommate and I have this set in our doll plans. Namu has always been a doll we've both wanted. So it's perfect, we're going to split between the two of us. The price is awesome, and between the two of us saving all that money will be worth stringing the dolls ourselves.
    16. hehe, thanks lots...... but i got them strung myself! :) i thought it was going to be hard, but it wasn't so bad, and i had my fiance around to help out when i needed extra muscle, lol. i should post some pictures......
      but you guys can fondle my dollies whenever you like! just get in touch. ;)
      :aheartbea Robin
    17. I love that face and what a great deal. Those lips are so kissable. LOL
    18. I think I'm in love!!!
    19. sorry to suddenly ask a random question but....
      to those who own these twins, can you tell me (or even PM me) how the wings are attached to the doll? because i don't see any of the usual "ribbons"... pictures would be much appreciated! (i am trying to formulate a pattern for wings that will allow this kind of non-ribbon effect, so this will really help lots in my on-going "research") :)

    20. Um, on the page to buy the lovelies, they shouw you how the wings go on (at the very bottum). The straps for the wings actually go in the shoulder joint, I think.