[Soom] Neo-Angelregion Fair discussion

Feb 1, 2012

    1. I've been looking for a specific thread for the Fair line of Neo-AR dolls, but couldn't find one. If there is one already, I apologize for the double and understand the mods will delete this.


      Right now I'm heavily considering purchasing two AR Fair dolls, but I can't seem to find pictures of the body or any usable measurements/info. Before I commit to this purchase, I just want to know a few things.

      1. Are the Fair bodies double jointed?
      2. Do they have a suwarico (mobility) joint in the thigh?
      3. Are the boy bodies and the girl bodies the same height? (I really need a boy and a girl who are both 58cm.)

      If anyone has any info on these dolls, answers to my questions, or general measurements, I would great appreciate it!!:)
    2. I'm interested in learning more about these dolls too- especially what their bodies are like and their resin color. ^^
    3. Does anyone know if Soom are going to be restocking AR or are they discontinuing them...? I recently got a new job and was planning to buy an Aida boy but they're all out of stock except Abel :(