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Soom NYCC Release - Smokey the Onocentaur

Oct 14, 2011

    1. His official teaser is up.

      Looks like the release date is October 19th. Wide release colour is grey.
    2. Awwwww so cute :3
    3. Awww. Little donkey-baby is so cute. S/he's got a different sort of face than most of their tinies, too. The lips seem really full and the nose is a bit wider.

      Wish I had the extra money. I'd love to get my hands on this one.
    4. He is the cutest little thing!! I want him :)
    5. The face is sooo cute >_< It's really dangerous for my money... I shouldn't look at his picture anymore or I will fall in love :S
    6. Not a fan of the faces - they remind me a bit of Coquina, in that they're much more anime than Soom usually sculpts. I do love their outfits, though! And the idea of donkey centaurs is just too adorable for words!
    7. Those ears! :D So cute.
    8. wow i really didn't need to see that, first the warrior elf whle i am making an elf warrior costume for the next fair season and now this cutie with her sweet face, i normally don't lie the faces f the som tinies but ths one sure made me say; ow gosh so sweet lol,
      but i don't need more things that want a part of my wallet, aarrgg...

      but she sure is cute..
    9. aww so cute~!
    10. I want one soooo badly! :...( I LOVE his face!
    11. grrrrr no more tinies! too cute...luckly i can avioded buying her yes? right? but that tail! the ears!
    12. WOW he is too cute for words! His lips remind me a lot of Mylo and I love his little donkey ears *__* Definitely my new favorite teenie gem face!
    13. That face is to die for, and a Donkey! So cute. Oh man I would love one
    14. I actually think I'm safe O.o But I do need that outfit! x)
    15. Never heard of a onocentaur before but Smokey does look cute and I'm thinking by changing his tail, he can be a centaur as well.
      So far I have talked myself out of all the centaur tinies, I'll have to see more photos and see what happens.
    16. It really sucks that we won't be able to see more of him until the 19th (next Wednesday).
    17. I didn't like him at first, but he's beginning to grow on me :) I may have to cave and bring him home
    18. Apparently an onocentaur is upper body of a man and the lower body of an ass(donkey). I rather think donkey than ass. Supposedly represents male lust :lol:

      I like his wide lips.
    19. But then from where comes the "ono" prefix? LOL! So in english you use the word "ass" to refer to donkeys? In catalan, my mother tongue, we say "ase"

      I am pretty curious about this too! The body seems to be the same as Pyrol/Aloa/etc. so I guess only the tail has changes, which would mean you are able to put a pyrol tale in the donkey parts and viceversa... Hum. I am going to ask soom about this!
    20. He's got such a sweet face! I'm so torn!