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SOOM offering "One Side Eye" (odd/mismatched eyes)

Apr 9, 2006

    1. From their front page:

      'One Side Eye'order

      thank you very much for your interest in new 'Gothic' series eyes.
      by the request of customers..
      we updated 'One Side Eye' item.
      the One Side Eye is for getting one eye for all SOOM Eyes Series.
      you can make your boys and girls to have odd eyes.

      Choose the size and design type from option.

      other series:


      are available too.

      * if you want other type, choose 'other type' from type option,

      then request it in your order sheet.

      have a good day!

      No more having to buy two pairs and then trying to sell the odd ones!!

      -- Andi ^-^
    2. YAY!!!!!!!! This is really going to be good when I get my second doll since he is based of of someone who wears two different types of weird contacts alot ^ ^