Soom Ondiin Discussion

Apr 25, 2016

    1. So I learned today that Soom have an adorable new sculpt up for order:

      the SOOM emporium

      It's a 13 cm anthro with wings and antlers! Ooh man Soom why do you do this to me?
      It's available in a cream white or peachy coloured resin.

      I severely tempted to get one, what do you guys think, isn't it precious?
    2. She is adorable - very tempting.
    3. Very cute! I won't be getting one, but it's tempting though.
    4. Very adorable!
    5. I just bought one. I couldn't resist T_T
      Anyone experienced with soom have any idea how long itll take me to get my doll?
    6. My sister and I picked up one each - I'm really in love. Found a few other images today on Instragram while wondering if anyone was saying anything. I can't wait to see what else they do in this size. I'm outta room or cash for another large SOOM, but these! These will probably get me in trouble.
    7. I got the cream white skin and normal head, but nothing else. I hope I don't regret not getting anything else for her.
    8. uh oh why did i have to see this! she's too cute omg
    9. I just bought a plane ticket you can't do this to me... Maybe if I'm lucky one will pop up on the marketplace in a few months/years ;w;
    10. The preorder just may be able to save? D:
    11. Well it ends on the 6th of next month so while I do have one more paycheck between then and now, that would completely eat up the whole thing. I could add some extra stuff to get a subtotal of $300 for layaway, but I'm moving into a college dorm come late august so I'm worried about the timing for that...
      In the end I guess I could order one come this Friday (when I get paid) but I'd probably feel guilty about spending my whole paycheck twice in a row >w>;
    12. I put mine on credit and went into debt. I'm a bad girl :|
    13. I ordered one! She looks just like a chibi version of my character, Ai-Zen, so I am going to make Ondiin into her. I ordered her blank in cream white so I can do the faceup and blushing myself. My Ai-Zen looks like this: Ai-Zen Painting
      I didn't draw her wings in this painting but she has large dragon wings, so Ondiin is a perfect fit.
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    14. Ohohoh, sounds good!
      @OllyChimera your Ai-zen looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see the mods and paint job you give her.
      @asunai I'm planning on getting a blank cream one that I can customize too, those blue eyes are so pretty. I'm sorry the cutie put you into dept tho, that's the danger of this hobby.
      @AutumnWyvern I feel your pain, where is it you are flying to? Hopefully Soom may do another preorder if they prove popular, but I have a worrying feeling they may not, But still don't feel too bad about what ever you decide to do, it's your money.
    15. @Polkavata Buffalo, NY! I have family up there and I also used to live there (for like 11 years). My mom would always take my friends and I up to Anime North (and doll north too, of course) and I wasn't about to let being a thousand miles away ruin our tradition. So the past couple years I've flown up for a week or two around the con.
      I always feel really guilty about big purchases. I'm pretty good at controlling my impulses most of the time because of it. I really should be saving up for my college classes >w>;
    16. Anyone know how long soom usually takes to get the doll to you?
    17. Around 4-5 months seems to be the general consensus, from what I've seen from poking around here and on facebook. This is my first Soom order so I'm going off of what other people has asked and answered.
    18. it's going to be a long wait... :(
    19. Oh wow. That is a real cutie! Once they arrive, I hope to see lots of photos of everyone's little Ondiins!
    20. Oh my gosh I'm so tempted! They are adorable! I cannot WAIT to see what else they sculpt for this size!