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Soom Order Chance Centaur: Hornblend the Barbarian King

Dec 26, 2011

    1. Ugh, I think we were all deluding ourselves to think that Soom could possibly be slowing down for us by adjusting their doll lines like they did. This guy is great looking! Im thinking to proportions make him Zinc's size?
    2. He sure looks like ID51 to me (which Zinc was, yes?). He seems to me to have a Hyperon-esque face as well. From what I can tell from this angle anyways.
    3. Ack! Another smaller centaur? I thought that Zinc was tempting enough, *twich* however I'm good this time, I havn't gottne hit by the "Soom-doom Bullet" just yet.

      Though if they come up with a centaur mare, then I'd be in so much trouble. ;_;
    4. I'm hoping he's an ID 51 because then I can't even consider him. That and if he's like Zinc and they don't offer a purely human body it won't matter anyway. I like the centaurs a lot, but it just doesn't work for any of my characters. I love his face though, and that he has pointed ears. If he's a regular ID I'd definitely consider him...or at least try to get his head...who knows *shrug*
    5. So the seam removal has been put up for $200. Does that tell anyone anything as to his size? Tried checking Zinc to see what his was set at but of course it's not listed anymore :(
    6. Oh god he looks so cool. I have been sucked into the cult of Soom. Waaaaant. ;.;
    7. ^^;; If I hadn't already hybrided my cantuar with monzo I might have gone for this guy...but then again, wonder if he'll still have the same hooves bull hooves would be awesome >w
    8. I really am hoping he's a smaller centaur. cuz then i wont buy him :D He looks small though. He does look really awesome though.

      edit: just checked the seaming removal... looks like he's a centauroid gem size... yikes... my bank account may suffer >.>
    9. I love the centaur dolls, but I would really love to see a Clydesdale/Percheron type body with that muscle-y Idealian torso.
    10. Haha, another one. Thank goodness I already have my Zinc. He was enough on my wallet that I can't even consider another and it wouldn't fit the story very well anyway. I would assume that this would be the same as Zinc and in my opinoin that INSANELY EXPENSIVE seam sanding is worth it. If I remember correctly from others in the Zinc thread the seams cut right across the muscle on the horse body. But I wouldn't know personally.

      I'm wondering if the horse body is a different color. I wouldn't think they would blush ALL of that.

      EDIT: Oh and on the Draft Horse idea, the horse body is far to thin to make it look correct. The legs are of thoroughbred then had a couple of inches. AKA Long thin legs. I would attempt to jump if they released a stockier build for the 51cm Centaurs but that would be QUIET expensive (thus the attempt).
    11. I'm reeeeeeally crossing my fingers I won't like him!
      and why is soom so slow to put up the pics? ;_; this is torture

      edit: soom is almost 3hours late with the pictures/price <.< f*** off I'm going to bed now xD;;;

      I do kinda hope (no, no I don't) that his hooves/legs will be a bit different! he really doesn't look like a horse with those horns xD
    12. Yeah...I'm sad that the pics aren't up yet. The suspense is killing me!!!
    13. Haha, still not up at 12:30am central time. Not sure where he is... -shrug- I just wanna see his clothes for my Zinc's sake XD.
    14. lol I really hope there is something that makes me not want him ^_^ i really don't need to be getting that big of a doll with my limited space and cash
    15. It's up now. Quite a pretty face. Lucky for me it's Zinc-size.
    16. I love the outfit and spear - I must have them for my Zinc!
    17. zinc size? are you sure? it says centuaroid normal size and his clothes are nicely fit to epidos. I'm so confused as to how tall he is. x_x; I suppose I will ask Soom. :D
    18. I really like him... :...( Bwaaa!
    19. It says he's Idealian51 upper body so same size as Zinc. Which means....I'M SAFE :D He is very pretty though.