Soom Petit Gem Discussion - Part 1

Dec 28, 2016

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      I didn't see a discussion for these guys yet, so I thought I'd make one! :) There are currently three sculpts: Ondiin, Eva, and Rudy. They've all been limited sculpts. Feel free to post your pictures and discuss!
      I'm absolutely in love with Rudy and I'm trying to decide what color I want her in! :D
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    2. Yay!

      I absolutely love Rudy too. The other petit gems didn't grab me so, but there's something about the little deer...
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    3. i completely agree, something about Rudy is just so adorable! those little deer ears..:XD:
    4. I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a Rudy... I really want the darker almondy brown skin. I wish I'd been around to get the little Ondiin dragon! It's too cute to handle.
    5. I'm trying to figure out why I love Rudy so much but the deer/ram minis from a recent Dollzone release don't grab me as much. o:
    6. Oh man, I reeeeeally wanted one of those Dollzone specials. Out of the budget, though, and I kept thinking, without the intense full-body blushing, they wouldn't be as cute. I really prefer to do my own faceups, so that was going to be a little more than I could do. Rudy has a bit more humanish features. And those chubby little hands and hips <3
    7. Were we also given any pics of either of those Dollzone dolls without clothing?
    8. Nope! Another thing that bothered me. I wanted to know the size and dimensions, but I couldn't figure out which body they were going off of. I do wish Rudy had hooves, but it's a small price to pay.

      Also... I just ordered mine :) Now the looong wait begins.
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    9. Congratulations! :D What options did you get him with? Did you get his clothes?
    10. Thanks! I got the darker brown skin, but none of the blushing/faceups. The clothes are actually sold separately... but I think my Rudy will be a boy, so I'm going to forego the skirt ;) I'll make him a little red and white cape with a hood and see what else I can come up with... maybe a little collar with reindeer bells on it?
    11. yay congratulations! i still need to gather up some funds before i order... :chomp: i wish soom would offer longer order periods!
    12. I really really really love this little Rudy *///* I want to order her in January =) I want her in brown tan skin, i think so the little white dots, i plan for her look so much better :D

      I would love to get a Ondiin too.... i look for it but there are not much Ondiins ... ><° Maybe soom will rerelease them? :D
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    13. Rudy is very cute. I have an Obiin myself, thinking about grabbing Ruby's clothes for some winter wear for it, lol.
    14. soom just let me know that Rudy comes with the stand in the promo pictures :) also i've added a link to measurement info!
    15. Totally fallen for little Rudy too! I'm debating on whether I should get her or not. If I did get her, she'd be in brown tan and I'd buy her little outfit. I'd do her face up myself and maybe give her some freckles.

      ETA: Were Soom's ordering periods always this short?
    16. Freckles are great. Do it.

      I just wanna see all the cute reindeer babies frolicking around the forums.
    17. I really like her proportion! If this was a bigger size I would so jump on it!! My zuzu delf is really the smallest I can handle. There really is something about rudy.
    18. I just placed my order for Rudy. Now to forget this ever happened and be surprised when she does eventually show up. ;)
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    19. yay congrats! what options did you order her with? :)
    20. Right?! It's the only way to survive the anticipation.