Preorder [SOOM] PG Rudy – 四季(four seasons) / SGM&TG Best Choice!

Oct 31, 2019

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      Dear Customers,
      PG ' Rudy – 四季 ' has be released!
      Ordering Period : Oct. 31 ~ Nov. 13, 2019. AM11:00 (KST)
      Thanks for supporting and Be happy day!:)

      PG Rudy – 四季 Pre-Order (Eng)



      Thank you for loving our dolls.
      We are happy to notify the results of our first Best Choice voting event in 2019.
      We got 2,544 votes total (1,410 for Teenie Gem / 1,134 for Super Gem) from 47 countries
      over the world for this 3 weeks online voting event from October 8 to 29th.
      We’re sincerely appreciated for your participation despite our first voting event.

      The first ranked doll will be released on November 5th.

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