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Soom Pyrol/Minette unicenta comparison to Beyla/Bygg

Dec 21, 2010

    1. I just wanted to post some comparison photos of Soom Pyrol and Minette unicenta bodies with Beyla/Bygg hooves.


      Beyla/Bygg horn is longer and looks to be a different clear resin.

      Beyla/Bygg hooves are larger, and have the S-hook holding them on. Pyrol/Minette hooves are held on internally and do not have a hole at the bottom.

      Here is my Yrie (with Beyla hooves) standing next to my Minette unicenta body with Beyla unicorn head:
      You can see in this picture that the doll with Beyla hooves stands taller than the unicenta.

      Hooves comparison:

      Horn comparison:

      Unicenta sitting options:

      View underneath:

      Front hip joint:

      Back hip joint:

      Comparison of Minette and Pyrol Unicenta bodies:

      My Yrie and Beyla heads and parts were painted by Angel Toast (eliza_masa).
    2. Aaah wow this is awesome! I had no idea they were shorter than normal Teenie Gems! D8 That's weird... But my gosh, they are precious! Thank you for the comparison and congratulations on getting them! :D

      Is the toso of Minette and Pyrol smaller than the torso of Beyla/Yrie? It looks thinner in your first picture. And their heads are the same size, right?
    3. Oh yes, thank you for all the shots of them together!
    4. Didn't see your question! Sorry!

      The torso's are actually the same size. It's the same regular Teeny Gem body, just the human legs are missing and the pelvis/hips/butt piece is inserted down into the Unicenta body. You could actually easily put in any Teeny Gem body in that you wanted. I'm betting there will be lots of hybrids! Minette unicenta bodies with Bygg torsos! There could be lots of color combinations. :D
    5. Very interesting. What is the stringing like? Are the back legs on a separate elastic from the front? It looks easier to deal with than the Domadolls are, that's for sure.
    6. Yep, the back legs and unicenta body are strung on one elastic. Then the front legs are on the elastic with the human torso and head.
    7. Thanks for answering, it's alright! ^^ But yeah, that's totally amazing! Think of the tan ponies! :D
    8. How are the feet strung on if there's no hole on the bottom? Loops or hooks or? (Hope my q makes sense...)

      The Bygg/Beyla head seems really similar to Pyrol/Minette except for the length of that horn...in what ways do you think they're different?

      They are sOOOOO cute, congrats and thanks for sharing :D :D
    9. The hooves have an S hook looped around a resin "bar" like Soom teeny gem human feet. One end of the S hook is around this resin bar on the hoof, the other is hooked to the elastic loop. :)

      The Beyla/Bygg head is very similar to the Pyrol/Minette head as far as facial features are concerned. My Beyla Unicorn head has its eyes opened, but I would imagine if the eyes were still the "romantic" eyes, it would be possible to confuse it with the Pyrol/Minette head. They have very similar noses and lips, as you can see in the profile picture showing the horns. The Pyrol/Minette nose is a little bit shorter I think. I would say that the Beyla/Bygg eyes are a little more rounded than Pyrol/Minette. Also, Beyla/Bygg have pointier ears than Pyrol/Minette. Overall they're very similar though. :)

      I'm planning to add more pictures in this thread, showing the stringing inside the Unicenta body and in the hooves. I just haven't had a chance!
    10. What a great and interesting thread!!! I have a pair of questions maybe you can tell me!

      Do you mean the pelvis part is exactly the same of a human teenie gem but that it is half hidden inside the centaur part? I used to think it was a unike part that only came with the centaur torso, and that a, for example, Bygg/Pyrol hybrid was impossible since the pelvis part would be in normal skin... I was wrong, then?

      And another question concerning the horns: can the Beyla and Pyrol horns be interchanged? I would like to know if it is possible to have a Pyrol with the long horn that comes with Beyla!

      Thank you so much for the usefull pictures and information!!! Congrats on your centaurs they are really cute!
    11. Hi there! Sure I can answer your questions. :)

      The pelvis part is EXACTLY the same as human teenie gems, so yes, you could easily make a Bygg/Pyrol hybrid. :) On the Unicentas, the human pelvis sits down inside the unicenta body so any resin combination is possible.

      The horns are not easily interchangeable, but if you wanted to mod them a little bit then they would be. The nub in the Pyrol horn is larger, so Pyrol's horn can fit on Bygg's head but needs to be held on with putty. Bygg's horn has a smaller nub, so the only way to put a Bygg/Beyla horn on a Pyrol/Minette would be to sand down the nub on the Pyrol head. Then you could use the Bygg horn but you'd need putty to hold it in. So if you don't mind sanding down the nub on Pyrol's head, then you could totally have a Pyrol with a long Beyla horn.
    12. Thank you so much for the information, it surelly helps a lot!!!