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Soom Releasing Bodies Separately

Aug 12, 2010

    1. <3

      " Customer demands required us to make a chance of purchase the Super gem body and the Teenie gem body. This Special order chance is not only for the MD owner who need the bodies for the extra MD heads but also any customer who need our new bodies. And we would like to inform you that this special order bodies have newly upgraded elbow joints.
      * Special Body Item List:

      Super Gem Female Body
      Super Gem Male Body
      Super Gem High Heel Parts
      Teenie Gem Boy Body
      Teenie Gem Girl Body
      (Skin type option: Normal, Cream White and Grey)

      * Ordering period: * Aug. 20th. 2010. 9:00 A.M. ~ Sep. 8th. 2010. 9:00 A.M.
    2. I've left them a query on the Q&A asking if the grey resin will be the same shade as Bygg or Grit?
      They are quite different. I'll post the reply here if anyone is interested.
    3. Any idea if this new elbow joint means it will finally be double jointed?
    4. The elbow joint is already double jointed - but because of a design-flaw it tends to turn in its socket. I'm pretty sure the upgrade was focused on preventing that.
    5. Soom just added the jointed hands to this ordering period :)
    6. Rather than asking about the availability of specific color(s) or body parts, body types in the News Forum, it would be better to ask Soom directly for an answer. Then, if you like, share the information here.

    7. [Check] About the renewal body and current orders

    8. I think some people interested in Tank Skin bodys. Here is the answer:

      About the new tan skin bodies:

      We will put them on sale after the first period for the other skin colors is finished.

      Please wait a little bit more and stay tuned on the website.
    9. Does this include the MDs? Or only their standard Super Gems?
    10. Ostrich, you would need to ask Soom that, as snowleopard already said.
    11. New Update from Soom:

      Admin 10-08-18 16:29

      added to the list;
      Super Gem Female Arm Parts
      Super Gem Male Arm Parts
      Teenie Gem Boy Arm Parts
      Teenie Gem Girl Arm Parts
    12. Soom now have the bodies and their prices up. However, the 20th (today in Korean terms) is a Training day, so while it's possible to order, I don't think they'll be able to answer any questions.


      Supergem bodies are $464 before blushing and sanding, while Teenie Gems are $170. Supergem high heel parts are $35, male and female Supergem arm parts $85, Teenie gem arm parts $45, and full bj hands UA kit $140.
    13. Asked soom about the grey resin (whether it matched Bygg or Grit better) and this was their response, for those curious:

    14. For those without the funds to order bodies for all of their floating heads right now, I hope you will find this answer from Soom helpful. I also inquired about Chrom colored NS bodies, since his resin color is very different from the normal NS that Soom puts out.