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Soom Resin different than other companies?? allergies?

Dec 10, 2006

    1. OK, I have many dolls..as you can see by my signature,, and have never had any problems handling them, but it seems when I handle my new Soom Smoky Day Gena and after if I touch around my eyes, they will start to get cloudy, and eventually tear up , turn red and irritated...even to the point of waking in the morning having them puffy and glued shut with crud.
      then I look like I have been smoking some good wacky weed for a couple of days....

      I have Luts, Dollshe, Dollmore, DIM, Serendipity, Narin, OD dolls and never had a problem, it just seems to happen with my beloved Gena...

      anyone else experienced this with Soom dolls?? Is their resin different than other companies??? I won't give her up even if I have to have wacky weed eyes...:sweat
    2. I have a Soom Uyoo and haven't noticed any of the symptoms you are describing, and I am prone to allergies.

      Hope it gets better for you.
    3. Some people are sensitive to the mold release. Have you tried giving her a bath? Resin doesn't usually affect people (unless you're sanding it or something, which doesn't sound like the case).
    4. Well I did sand her earlier in the week and had a bad attack, but that was my fault because i didn't wash my hands after..but this was just from last nite, trying on different outfits...
      I haven't sealed her body yet..so I am going to do that today and see if that helps...myabe there was some residual dust on her last nite that got on my hands...and no I havn't given her a bath, but that sounds like a good idea to..thanks..
    5. It might be possible that you're allergic to something Soom used in the face up materials for Gena. I've noticed though, that my Soom Dimo tends to get a bit of resin dust around his joints. I would say try washing your Gena and possibly sueding her so the joints don't cause as much dust. Good luck!
    6. That would be your answer, I think. If I'm not carefull to clean up resin dust after I sand, my lips, eyes, wrists, and inner elbows get red and itchy. In fact, I react more quickly to resin dust than I do to uncured resin spills.
    7. Just to revive this thread and to ask if anyone has a similar problem with Soom's resin.

      I recently received my Soom Heliot to find him full of resin dust. I cleaned him out and left him to soak overnight before hanging all his pieces up outside to dry.

      Having figured he'd be safe to play with I spent some time with him. Afterwards I had a strange feeling in my throat that made me want to keep clearing it until it became sore. I figured since I'd already washed out the dust he needed to outgas a little longer so I left him in the spare room for a week or so.

      But I STILL get a weird feeling in my throat after spending time with him *_*

      Does anyone else have issues with Soom's resin? I don't have problems with any of my other dolls (Iplehouse and LUTS)...
    8. okay, this is a little worrying for me seeing as my dust allergies are horrendous. i've never had an allergic reaction to resin dust from my DoDs, even after sanding and drilling and having it all over my arms and face. my friend wants to get a Soom doll and i'm already allergic in her presence because she has a cat :horror:
    9. I have TERRIBLE allergies that can cause asthma attacks. I have not owned a Soom doll before (waiting for my Chrom now <3). However, when I bought my Unoa I did sand her down and even through a mask the resin dust bothered me. It probably jsut depends on the amount of dust as well as what is going on outside. If your allergies are already on high alert from pollen or dust, resin might have a stronger affect on you.
    10. It could be the dye that they use in the resin and not the resin itself. I've never had an allergic reaction to my soom boy when I had him or when handling one of my friends sooms.
    11. @Akudem: I agree with NabeeRain. I'm also prone to asthma attacks and am super allergic to dust, grass, and cats etc. ^^; But I will say it probably is the resin dust more than the Soom resin itself that can be irritating. Also sometimes scents can be irritating too, maybe he's more of the new resin smell? I mean I've never had a problem with fragrance but some people do. I have never had a problem with my Sard, although I did seal him with MSC pretty early on since I wanted to blush his hooves ^^ Maybe try cleaning him again and give him a fresh coat of sealant? Also did you wear a mask when you cleaned him if there was that much dust? ~Aqua
    12. I didn't wear a mask when I first rinsed him and I did get a bit of a sore throat but that went after week once I stopped spending time with him. The second time I wore a towel mask and basically soaked him in soapy water overnight and that pretty much got rid of the dust as far as I could tell and it also got rid of the new (pretty strong) resin smell.

      Even after soaking him and airing him I still get the throat thing.

      I'm wondering if there's something Soom uses in their resin that's causing the problem like avacado said *_*
    13. Nope... Neither of my Soom guys smelled any different from other new dolls I've bought, but then I don't suffer from allergies/sensitivities either. I like New Resin Smell, I'm a sicko. <3

      All resin smells stronger when you get it, when it's fresh. Some companies are better at dusting than others. If the doll is dusty when you get it, take it outside & take a hairdryer to the pieces, or rinse them in water. If you're extra dust-and-fumes allergic/sensitive, wear a mask when doing maintenance on the doll.
    14. I have allergies to various things, but have never had an issue with resin, including my Soom boys. The resin smell is stronger when you first take them out of the box--once they've had a chance to air out, it'll fade. If you're really concerned, then I would give them a good dusting off just in case there's any resin dust still hanging around.
    15. Crazy post guys. I've got two Soom Dolls - Gena Smoky Day and Namu Cream White- I haven't noticed any allergy issues after handling them and I've never noticed a proliferation of resin dust on either of them....But I live in the South and it seems like there's about 60bizillion other things floating in the air continually that do make me sneeze and cough. Next time I go through a stint of handling them a lot I'll be sure to pay attention though.
    16. *Looks at everyones comments* Maybe it's all in my head *_*

      Hmmm maybe I should take a hairdryer to the pices just in case there is any extra resin dust that has somehow been missed.

      If that doesn't work...I guess I either learn to live with it and see if it goes away or I sell him :(
    17. I know that Sooms colour dolls (tan, violet, grey) are actually coloured resin and not dye. Considering that I'd say that they use a different type of resin or something. I've heard of people having alergic reaction to french resin and it seems the sanding transparent resin is less iritating than sanding normal resin. If I were you, I'd email Soom about it, and see if they do anything extra to it, or if they have any recomendations on what to do. Other than that, just what everyone else is saying. Clean and seal.
    18. Thanks for the advice, even though he is only white skin I think I might just ask them if they did anything different or extra.

      And I'll get him sealed, see if that stops it.
    19. Sorry to hear about the resin problems. I have one Super Gem with body blushing, never had a problem with him at all. :?
    20. This might have nothing to do with it...but I was thinking about something. Do you store him in his box or keep him with his pillows? Or do you always use the same wig or clothes with him? Even if you wash him, if you have to undress him or get him from his box and are touching those things, it could be something stored in the fiber of the wig/clothes/or pillows that has nothing to do with resin. Or, if you washed him and put the same wig and clothes on and didn't wash them, you could still have resin on them if you dressed him in them when you first got him before you washed the resin off.

      I only suggest this because during allergy season I have to take make clothes off and wash them as soon as I get inside or the pollen and allergens trapped in them will continue to irritate me. Honestly, wash everything he has touched (including surfaces you have set him on). If you want any help on how to wash wigs and clothes without damaging them, PM me (I have restored old wigs and clothe with great success).