Soom sculptors?

Oct 7, 2016

    1. Hi guys! Does anyone know the names and/or blogs of any Soom sculptors? It really pisses me off that they don't write the name of the person who sculpted each head when they release it! For example, I think the newest Morga and Adonis could be by the same sculptor, but I have no way to verify this and I don't know where to look for Soom's sculptor's other than Instagram, where I found 2 of them. I know the guy behind Be With You did some sculpting for Soom, anyone know which dolls he did? Sorry if this is a lot of questions at once. >.<
    2. You could always ask Soom in their Q&A. It's better if the info comes straight from the source, yeah?
      And also, there might be a case where the sculptor doesn't want their info released (I know with Migidoll there was a faceup artist who didn't want their identity disclosed).
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    3. Well, honestly I don't think Soom will bother to give me a full list of their sculptors and which heads they did, and I don't think one person asking them is enough to persuade them to start writing who the sculptor is in their doll listings like other companies do.
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    5. Thank you very much for another nice find! :) I'm sure you've put a lot of effort to locate all the sculptors mentioned, it is much appreciated! As for me it only show the different owner photos and not the artists when I try to locate the sculptors' pages, not only with Soom but other companies as well...
    6. Thanks a lot @meanae and @HanaHikari ! I've passed along some of the Soom artists' it seems, great to see their galleries. Jeong Hye Eun is totally my most favourite of the Soom's sculptors, I hope to see more of his works coming soon :)
    7. Oh, well meanae found most of these guys, I only know of the one I mentioned here and YG of Be With You. But it is pretty sad that even big companies like Soom don't credit their artists.
    8. You're totally right, giving credits to the artists sounds like a really needed thing - this way both the positive and (if there are any) negative opinions on the previous works would help people to decide on the new dolls/sculpts being released.
    9. They did that in the beginning, I'm not sure why they stopped explicitly giving credit to the sculptors. I remember especially seeing Jeong Hye Eun's name mentioned in a lot of the older sculpts listings. Very recognizable style though, thankfully .-.
    10. they are company employees. the company owns the work. they design on a salary.
    11. Do you mean that in reply to me or another commenter? I was interested in sculptor names since my favorite sculpts might be by the same sculptor, so I could watch for their new work for Soom. :)
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    12. just in general, if you notice all the copyrights arent held by "Soom"...

      the artists probably are under nondis closure agreements that stop them from publicly showing/announcong new work...
    13. @HanaHikari did you ever find out who Morga's sculptor was? I'm very curious now too...
    14. Thanks for the links, I love to find more doll artists to follow! :)