Preorder [SOOM] SGM Scutum – 貪 (8/29~9/10)

Aug 29, 2019

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      Dear Customers,
      Super Gem Male, ' Scutum – 貪 ' has be released!​
      Ordering Period : Aug. 29 ~ Sep. 10, 2019. AM11:00 (KST)

      * You can purchase horns and masks separately.
      * Outfit is sold in only 10 set.



      Super Gem new hands, [Avaricious Hands] has be released!

      Thanks for supporting and Be happy day!:)


      SGM Scutum – 貪 Pre-Order (Eng)
      Avaricious Hands Pre-Order (Eng)
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    2. Edit- I just tried picking only the mask and left the horns as "choose an option" and it added just the mask to the cart, so I answered my own question. :sweat

      You said the mask and horns can be purchased separately, but on the order page, you have to order them together. Is there any way to just buy the mask?
      Scutum - 貪 Horn&Mask - The Gem
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    3. I think you may confused because the title of sale page is 'Horn&Mask'.

      Horn and mask can be purchased separately. If you put it in a shopping cart like the picture, then Marks is the only one chosen.
      (I pick PlainTR Mask only)

      When the horn and mask are selected together, they are marked as shown in this picture.
      (I pick BlackTR Horn and PlainTR Mask)

      If you don't choose the horn, but there's horn color in gray letter, it would be a home page error.:(
      Then Please inquire about this by homepage..:sorry
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