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Soom Special Order: Aloa & Sov - Wood Centaurs

Apr 29, 2011

    1. They're up for sale~ :D
    2. News post regarding the human versions-

      Dear customers and Soom fans,

      Thank you so much for your great interest for our new centaurs babies.^^

      We have received a lot of messages asking for an additional body for Aloa & Sov.

      Actually we plan to sell them as human versions once the ordering period for the centaur versions will be over.

      If you wish to order a human Aloa and Sov, please wait a little bit more for their human versions to be on sale soon.

      If you have any question, please leave a message on the Q&A.

      Thank you for your attention~~

      SOom staFF
    3. If they don't have human forms, does this mean they are still on-topic? In the past, dolls like Impldoll Triton were ruled off-topic for not having a full set of human parts.
    4. [CHECK] Aloa & Sov - Human body (new notice) Date : 11-05-23 10:08

      Writer : soom [​IMG] Hit : 5
      Dear Soom fans,

      Good day to everyone~~

      We have somtehing to announce about the forthcoming human versions of Aloa & Sov.

      Contrary to our previous announcement, we finally decided to release these human dolls
      with HUMAN ears, no elf pointed ears.

      The skin tone choice will remain the same : Cream White or Light Green.

      And, the face-up and body option will be the same.

      We are sorry for the abrupt change. Your understanding in these regards would be greatly appricated. (_ _)

      If you have any question, please contact Victoria through the Q&A board.

      SOOm team

      EDITED BY SOOM : They are released with optional heads and ears. ^^

    5. This thread is being closed while the Moderators discuss these dolls to determine if they are on-topic for Den of Angels.
    6. These dolls have been approved for Den of Angels, and are on-topic. Thank you for your patience.
    7. Update on the human version from Soom:

      Dear Soom fans,


      We will be releasing the human versions of Aloa & Sov on June the 23rd 2011.

      The skin options (Cream White and Light Green) remain the same.

      Also, you will have the choice between pointed ears or regular human ears.

      Thank you for your attention~~^^

      SoOm staff
    8. Human versions are now up for sale. Also, like before, no difference in price between CW and green :)