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Soom Special Order Hati & Skoll [Feast of Spring]

Feb 20, 2012

    1. Soom will release two dolls as Special Order. Looks like both of them are white skin.



      Ordering period: from February 22nd o March 7th 2012

    2. Wow...they are super cute! Is the special order a fullset doll or just the doll.
      Also, I was wondering if SOOM have plans to release a basic version of the special orders.
    3. You can order just the doll or add options like face-up, body blushing and outfit so that you have a fullset. Soom usually doesn't release their SO as basic version.
    4. They both look different somehow. The faces are not the same somehow. I do not think both so cute so. (Hati and Skoll, the Monthly Dolls are narrower in the face I do not know Am I wrong I can not find any similarity.? Sorry for my english :( But thanks for the link^^
    5. I Was Waiting On Skoll But With The Fantasy Parts :...(

      Why Soom, WHY?
    6. isnt it not allowed to post in the news?