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Soom Super Gem and Wigs- some questions from a BJD newbie. :3

Nov 26, 2008

    1. Hi all. First off sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have a gut feeling this is where it belongs so I'll plow on.

      I noticed the Super Gem female wig size is 9-10 inch. I have had a hard time finding wigs in this size; where do you suggest I look? Nothing much on Soom's site is really appealing to me. Anything helps!

    2. I'm pretty sure that most SD(60cm or so)-sized wigs (8-9" or 9-10") should fit. I've got a Sard who is Super Gem sized and was listed as wanting a 9-10 wig, but his head is pretty small and fits pretty much all the wigs (some are actually large-ish, none are too small) that I have for my SDs and Delfs. I'm pretty sure your girl's head shouldn't be any larger. I think 8-9" wigs should fit better than 9-10", actually.

      Where to look? Pretty much anywhere you want. Any store that sells wigs for large-sized dolls, ebay, the DoA Marketplace, etc.
    3. april Thanks. I vaugely remember reading about super gem's heads being slightly smaller, but then again I can have vivid daydreams. (Easily distracted)

      That's very good to know, thanks! *writes down*
    4. I have beryl, and several wigs for her, and the best fitting one is actually a 8"-9" but I bought her a couple 9"-10" ones that stay on just fine (tho you can feel the wig cap not sitting right on her head, including her default one). Just about everyone who sells wigs has those sizes.
    5. 8-9 from Jpopdolls and Monique fit the Mecha Angels, which are a little bigger, without any trouble in all my experience thus far -- so they should fit a Super Gem just fine.
    6. I own a Lupin, and he wears an 8/9 LeeKe wig just fine. Their heads are fairly large, but their skulls are long rather than just round like say, a Volks doll, which has a more round head shape.

      That's my two cents. I haven't wig-shopped for him much as the first wig I got for him was pretty much ideal. (:

      - Mel
    7. XD I really don't know why they say that 9-10 is the wig size you want. We have a couple 9-10 size wigs here for my Shiwoo, and both our Sard and Beryl swim in them - especially Beryl, it looks almost ridiculous. To be fair, they're Luts wigs, so the headcap isn't elastic at all, but still. Definitely look for 8-9. I'm seconding the rec for Jpopdolls or Monique Gold, they make really fantastic wigs and they fit our Super Gems perfectly.
    8. My Dia (Bijou) wears a 9/10 in the non-stretchy types of wigs, but I have found that in a Monique, the 9/10 is too large. In stretch caps I have been happy with an 8/9.

      Here she is in a 9/10

      And this is a jPop in 8/9

      They both seem to work well.
    9. I love the picture of Bijou in the jPop. I love the faceup too. Very original look.

    10. flamingomoon thanks for the reference pictures! I really appreciate it. :)
    11. kawaiisakura92 It is a bit tricky. I ordered a 'Hanna" wig by Monique in a 9/10 and it was much too large. I can keep it on her, but it really does not 'fit'.
      Clare Elaine, thanks. The face-up is Soom's Rose Queen Dia.