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Soom Super Gem Beryl - Love Me Or Die version

Jun 10, 2010

    1. Beryl - Love me or die by Soom.

      Image from Dollsoom.com

      Soom have a promotional preview of their Beryl sculpt, previously seen as Beryl - Neverending Dream from the Legend of the Doll Monthly Doll line from April 2008.

      It looks that this will be a release of the Beryl face sculpt in a normal skin (?) resin, with basic parts only. *Note, this is not classed as a re-release, as the original doll was a limited due to fantasy parts, faceup and blushing, and outfit, wig & eyes.

      ♥ The promotional image appears that the Beryl sculpt will be available as normal skin, as a basic doll (head + supergem body so far)
      ♥ Other details are yet unknown, however based on Soom's latest announcment, pricing will possibly be at US$584

      This thread is for gushing about this sculpt, and speculation on resin colours/outfit/etc.
      Please, if you have an opinion on Soom releasing a Limited doll's sculpt as a basic doll or differently LE doll, go
      HERE please.

      By the way, does this look like a real-skin colour resin to anyone else? It seems a lot more brown than Soom's normal skin.

      *Note: This doll has been discussed as it's MD Limited sculpt elsewhere on the forums. Here we're discussing the current basic release. I hope this is ok.

    2. wow! I wasn't all that smitten with soom's fantasy Beryl, but this girl looks absolutely stunning !
      the skin tone does look rather more browny - suits her.
      I just wish she wasn't so tall ..... :(
    3. I knew it wasn't just my old eyes going insane. I wonder if the special order means they have discovered the joy of real skin?
      Actually, I may have to go check out the Brannon from Idealean.. They may be using the resin from that, I believe he was semi-tanned?

      I might just be horribly hoping that she is tanned. I have been hoping for Soom to do a tanned girl for a while. But Soom tan is definately darker than these photos, so I'm sitting here racking my brain.
    4. its nice! maybe they are releasing a realskin series like iplehouse does? :)
    5. gott agree with pianissmo on this one, hated the original but this time it's a 11/10!
    6. I really like her. I like her attitude xD.
    7. If she is real skin (Thankyou for confirming I'm not mad!) I will be shelling out for her.
      I love the look of Beryl as WS, so giving her a lovely Aussie doll tan (It's how I think of as Real Skin :P) just puts her up in the "Can I claim this on tax?" buying list. I hope Soom aren't overwhelmed with the amount of things they are releasing at the moment, because I am dying for photos. I know there seems to be nothing different with the sculpt, but if she's more than a basic, that means she'll possibly come with those stylish looking jeans.
    8. I always liked the Beryl MD, but mostly for the fantasy element. I find her grumpy expression to not really appeal to me. Also, I really think I'm just not a fan of the new Super Gem rack O_O That being said, she looks gorgeous and warm in this natural skin tone! And the wig really suits her new look! I wonder if Soom is going to start releasing more "street clothes" outfits for this new line of human dolls instead of all the fantasy outfits that come out to suit the fantasy MDs.
    9. personally after all the angry words in the other thread i think her name kicks butt! Love me or die!. very fitting haha
    10. Wow! She looks even better than the fantasy release. And possibly available as a basic? I'm doomed, no soomed.
    11. Did they change the SG female torso? I thought only Breccia had anything different about her breasts. What is the difference between the old and new?

      I used to agree about the grumpy look, but since then it's grown on me, and I'm loving the more attitude-heavy face of the Beyla compared to the very neutral look on the other girls.

      As for the outfits, I hope so too. Soom release some interesting stuff, but I'm not into the fantasy aspect of their designs.
    12. i'll get comparison boob pics for you later if you like? Breccias bust is bigger but the shape is slightly different wchich is how they anabled the huge boobs to fit onto the other limited dresses, or so they claimed.. mine cant really cound as my breccia wears my cuprits corset, so i cant really confirm this statement.

      From my own comparison i would say those are just the regular chest, not the breccia nork
    13. I think a lot of the anger has to due with the fact that Soom has always told people they would not use the monthly heads again. At least that's what they told me when I asked about Beryl a long time ago. Maybe if they run this one as a limited they think there're not lying.

      This version does look very good and a year ago, I'd have bought her in a heartbeat.

    14. Oh she is beautiful! *drools*
      Love that wig! And her pouty expression. XD
    15. She's really pretty! I hope she's in normal skin though.
    16. LOL!!! I missed that! Thanks so much for pointing it out! :D

      She is in a "Order Chance (Special Order)" category, so I doubt she will be a permanent basic, but I do hope that I will have the chance to bring her home. My husband loved Beryl-NED, but we were unable to get her MD release.
    17. i have to say i think i like her better than the md beryl could be cause i don't like ws though. XD or hooves
    18. I really hope the release her in a WS option too.. and with some kind of fantasy parts.
      If they did that, I'd get her for sure, even if they weren't the original parts - still want the original fullset.
      But I have no interest in a human doll with human ears, especially not one in a normal skin tone.. so all this release has done is remind me how much I want Beryl, but not in a normal skin tone or human, which is what I actually COULD get right now.
      Oh well! ^_^;;
    19. I didn't care for the original WS fullset but I do like her in this ns or real skin version. She's gorgeous in these photos! I am waiting to see what Soom puts up for information regarding this.
    20. I think it's a great idea for them to release her this way, or even other MDs too. SO that those who love the sculpt can get a chance at them. Besides I always wondered, what on earth are they going to do with the molds for a perfectly good sculpt after their releases? It seemed wasteful to me not to use them again at some point. I already have a few MDs (teenies mostly) but would not mind then in another skintone :D