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Soom Super Gem Carnel!

Sep 7, 2009

    1. News Thread - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=322182

      Lets gossip about this beautiful new boy. I think he's a male version of Olivine! :D
      I knew she'd make a lovely boy.

      Clever Soom. Knowing your boy versions of girl sculpts are always appealing. I can finally take my WTB thread down. So so so excited.:)
    2. I agree he looks like Olivine. I do wish they would release more regular version girls, they have four boys and only two girls now.
    3. Meh, not too excited about this doll
    4. I wonder if Soom would let you buy a boy head on a girl body, since they do let you buy a male Dia. I think Carnel would make a really cute girl. He looks like an Olivine Amber mix to me...
    5. I'm sure they would let you do that, R!! It's just the Mecha Angels they won't do that with.
    6. I think they would release more girls if the SG girls seemed more popular. There are only about 4 Olivines that I know of on DOA (after really quite obsessive searching) and their owners never seem to take pictures of them. Compared with God knows how many Sards/Dia boys. Even the Dia girls seem relatively unpopular in compared with the MD girls like Topaz in terms of spam.

      Soom are probably just reacting to demand.

      Also if you look at the Supergem page with everyone on it, the Olivine pic and the NS Carnel pic show both dolls at the same angle. I think they are the same. Which is great news for me. :)
    7. That was the first thing that I thought, that it was Olivine as a boy. I wish they'd put out more basic SGs as well. There's just not enough variety there. I've had Dia on my wish list forever, but quite frankly there's so many Dia boys out there that I'm almost turned off.

      I'm wondering if the dearth of regular SDs isn't one of the reasons they marketed Cass as they did. I hope they keep doing that-at least you could get a different Super Gem that way.
    8. This boy is gorgeous now why can't Soom make mecha boy this beautiful LOL
    9. And I have never understood that one. I have a friend who would buy a Vega boy in a New York minute. Maybe if they sold a bunch of Saiph boys, they'll rethink the policy.
    10. This is my thought exactly. Though I have seen a number of people scream that 'ewww it's a girl!' all over the MDs, when people know they alternate them, so I wonder if they just sell the boys much better.

      A shame since I -love- their girls, and thus far some of their boys have, well, they look a lot like an ex of mine. This isn't a bad thing, but both Spinel and especially Lazule look like him, and there's something about that I would be a little unnerved by if I even thought about owning them. This guy and Lupin don't, though, which is... not helping me resist! :lol:

      He definitely looks like he could be Olivine's twin brother or something, though the head sculpt does look different. It's that softer/recessed jaw and wonderfully strong nose that look similar to me. (I am still pining for Olivine joy for just these reasons.)
    11. The new doll is great but i want it only in white skin :)
    12. They may not because they used the Vega/boy as a monthly and Soom has said that they won't use monthly head molds as basics.

    13. loool, i like this boy from the front, buuut i dont like his profile one bit D;
    14. I love the cw one. I didn't see the olivine resemblance at first, i kinda saw saiph in him >_< but now i went back to look at him and wow he looks alot like olivine.

      Anywho defo loving the CW one. Gosh i'm soomed
    15. i defiantly see olivine and amber in this boy. I like him alot :) Maybe down the road I'll get him
    16. I like him. I agree, he does look alot like Olivine. Olivine always struck me as a little masculine anyway, as did Dia. Looking forward to seeing people's pics!
    17. Wow I gotta admit, I thought Olivine was a guy too... I never even clicked on the link because I'm not interested in boy dolls XD (Also, I thought it was ugly. What a difference faceups make!)
      Until Carnel came along <_< I love him. He's one of two male dolls that have ever made my jaw drop. I'm actually really tempted to get him. So happy he isn't a Limited.

      Saiph is lovely too, wish they'd release him properly :( Stupid soom and their stupid limiteds >_>
    18. I had been considering an Olivine head on a male SG body some time in the future, (even asked Soom about the possibility of ordering an Olivine head on a male body lol). This guy definately looks a LOT like a very slightly modified Olivine-a straighter nose? broader jawline..? Though it could very well be the angle of the photos that makes him look slightly different to me

      Something about him is slightly off-putting though. I think it's the way they have him styled on the site maybe...thin eyebrows or...something. Hm...I can't figure out if it's the styling or the actual sculpt that I'm not so fond of

      In any case, I'm kind of glad I didn't go through with the Olivine head on male body since I'm undecided on this guy. Plus if I ever decide to get him, it'll save me the $30 fee they chrage to put a f head on a m body lol
    19. I kinda know the feeling... I love Carnel's pictures for normal skin, but his milk skin photos are somewhat off0putting.. I can't figure out why. I think it's the faceup on the milk.
      For the normal.. I hate his wig. It's fur yes? I always hate fur or mohair wigs. He needs something far spunkier.
    20. The wig isn't doing him any favors in these pictures, I agree. It makes him look like a creature made of forehead somehow.