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Soom Super Gem Covell

Jun 25, 2010

    1. He looks like one of the Ipple girls to me.
    2. I think he's cute! Maybe not for me, but still lovely. Very different from Soom's normal style, but i think that's a good thing. :) Show's how versatile they are.
    3. I think the face itself is really nice, however... I am really disapointed in their new line starting out with younger looking heads on their adult bodies. I really loved how their old line had heads that looked like adult guys on adult guy bodies. That is something that is more unusual for the BJD hobby. And a much needed niche, I think. Oh well.
    4. He's so cuuuute~ >w<
      I really like this style, and though it's different from SOOM it is surely not a bad thing~ ^^ Some versatility is always a plus.
    5. I really like his face! So far he is one of my favorite SG boys. <3 Soom has SO many tempting things coming out, I guess its a good thing for my wallet that I don't like the lack of poseability of the SG bodies. xD
    6. I think he's lovely! He reminds me of Luts dolls - quite feminine and pretty. I love his mouth.
    7. Ditto this exactly. Yet, that face would make a stunning late teens or early 20s girl to me. That head on Coquina's body would make me intensely happy.
    8. Haha I was thinking the same thing! He looks so much like Jessica to me, he definitely looks more like a girl IMO.:sweat
    9. I agree, he looks very young. But I think with a better/different face up he could
      look much older. Look forward to seeing more pics of him especially owner pics,
      for me he's just OK but I want to see what others do with him :)

      Soom has been putting a lot on their plate recently...I hope they don't burn
      themselves out. I would love to see a very pretty girl sculpt in their SG line
    10. I personally find him a refreshing change from the more fantastical type of dolls they have been producing. I would love to see more of these types of dolls, however the head would be better suited to a Gem body or even a new 60-62cm body as opposed to a Super Gem body. I love his face though, and I would love to get this boy at some point.
    11. Does it look like he is on the regular super gem body or does it look thinner? It doesn't look as thick or as wide in the shoulders/chest area than a regular super gem body to me.

      Maybe they are coming out with a skinnier version to match the more youthful head?
    12. Ah I was hoping for a girl.

      And I agree with the above posters about the resemblance to Iplehouse girls (although now he's giving me an idea of a fraternal twin for my EID).

      He's cute though :)
    13. Hm, he reminds me very much of a young Heliot. I'm also a bit disappointed that they are replacing a line of mature, realistic looking sculpts with young, stylized ones. Ah well...personal preference, I guess.
    14. Goodness, I thought I was looking at a new mold by Luts for a moment and had to second check the title of the news thread. He's very cute, but I have to admit I was looking forward to a man or a beautiful woman and not a more stylized looking boy. This style of boy is very pretty and popular, not to mention plentiful. I count on Soom among a few other companies to bring on the men. XD
    15. I have to strongly agree. I've been moving away lately from the more "dolly" looking bjds for a while now. And I prefer mine as realistic (or as anime-looking) as possible. I'm not really a fan anymore of the anime/realistic hybrid that 90% of bjds already fall into.

      I hope they will continue with some realistic looking sculpts as well. It would be great if they made more along the lines of Dia/Sard, or other feminine, but realistic sculpts. I love it when people make Soom's Deneb, Vega, and Dia into males!
    16. He looks like he's from the typical range of Luts SSDF or InfinityDoll sculpts... very different from Lupin and Spinel, or even Dia. Maybe they have a new sculptor or just decided to try something new? I'd have liked to see more of the mature, longer-faced sculpts though.
    17. Maybe this is the new path from soom..who knows?
      Maybe the idealian is the adult realistic line,and MD ,who maybe will end next years,is the fantasy line,and this is simply the mix up between the gem line,younger face,and the adult body of super gem.
      IMo he looks perfectli in line with the Coquina mold face ,i mean younger and fresh but definitely not so much mature.
    18. He definitely looks like a Luts to me. I was hoping the new SG would have that nice beefy Monzo body with a nice mature face. I'm very disappointed in both this one and the new monthly girl.

    19. To me, he resembles the Luts SDF, SSDF boys and girls. Did Soom contract out to a new artist? hmmm...