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Soom Super Gem Dia

Mar 19, 2008

    1. She's pretty but she has underlying masculine features imo. Plus she looks too much like a fashion doll for my tastes. I prefer the unrealistic head molds of the other dolls.(huge eyes all the way baby!)
    2. she reminds me of that certain cover in Haute Doll (and yes i agree with the "Barbie" observation too XD)...

      she can be a guy. But i think i love Deneb more XDD (she's more beautiful, imo, though not much likes Deneb =3)
    3. I think she's gorgeous! A perfect beauty. I'm really liking these more realistic looking dolls. I know what company gets my money in the future.
    4. My first initial reaction was "Barbie?!!". I like the fact that she's realistic looking but her heavy make-up and fashionable outfit just reminds me of one of those fashion dolls which I don't find particularly interesting compared to bjds. Maybe a change in clothes/face-up will make Dia more appealing to me when owner pics come up =/
    5. I don't like her. The most unattractive part of her to me is her nose - too thin, remind me noses of some models, after a couple of plastic surgery for sure.
    6. She looks very pretty to me. It feels like a good balance between stylized and realistic. I bet she could transform into different characters very easily with the right makeup; she might even make a good boy.
    7. While I feel like my tastes are gravitating towards more realistic-looking dolls (that aren't too realistic), I'm not too moved by her. Perhaps certain parts of her face are more accentuated than they really are due to the strong faceup. But based on this predecessor, it'll be interesting to see what Soom comes up in the future, though!
    8. I think Soom are choosing weird standard face-ups sometimes. Like with Spinel having a beard and heavy makeup, and now Dia having that glam makeup- I think it would be wiser to have a natural makeup as standard, and the heavier as an option or custom. I do think she is beautiful, but the heavy makeup makes it difficult to see her sculpt- I bet she would be much prettier with a natural look. And a different costume. She does look like one of the Collector Barbies. I'm unsure what to think of her, and I am normally not too fond of dolls with teeth. However I am very curious to see owner pictures with different faceups, cause I do think she has a lot of potential, and I love Soom :)
    9. She's very gorgeous but I don't like her face it's too long? Aso is her mouth opened or not... on some she has an opened mouth and on others not.. and I mean straight on pictures... did they paint 2 models? one has teeth and the other hasn't? So weird.
    10. She looks very masculine. If you dress your Sabik in a red dress they would look like twins. The faceup just doesn't look that interesting either.
    11. She is beautiful. I love the faceup on her also, another wonderful unique look from Soom, like Spinel.
      She looks nothing like "Barbie" IMO.
    12. Couldn't agree more :) Hopefully this is the "Glamor" version and a more subdued version is coming to get a better idea of what she looks like without all the makeup.
      Slightly offtopic but I didn't realize Spinel was so gorgeous until I saw pictures of him on here with different faceups :D
    13. I'm very intrigued and she's got my interest, but I'd like to know some measurements first and a look at her nude would be helpful, you know, what are her joints like, 2 or 3 part torso.

      Oh and who does she look like?

      Do a search for images of Sophie Ellis Bexter.;)
    14. Interesting face but I think that strong faceup isn't doing much for her but she looks like she has potential with a more natural faceup. IMO, she isn't too masculine at all. For some reason, she reminds me of a young Claire Bloom.
    15. I think she might have a sligthly open mouth, with removable teeth that can be fastened inside the head with putty. I made a couple of porcelain dolls with that option long time ago.

      I don't mind dolls having a western look or being realistic, it is still a well made resin BJD, not just a fashion doll. I like that companies make a wide range of dolls, mature and childish, western and eastern, realistic and stylized :) I just think the way they painted and dressed Dia is more typical for the fashion dolls, and I want to ask them for either blank pictures or with a more subtle makeup, as I think the one she's got makes it hard to see her features properly. But I really cannot afford to buy her yet anyway, so I better not ask ;)

      Also, I think Dia is more feminine than the female Mecha Angels. Her lips are rounder and her chin narrower. I'd love to see her in a style similar to the new Unidoll Lily, natural faceup and period clothing.
    16. Isn't the totally and stunningly gorgeous ?? :D So feminine and perfect and so deliciously tall - I bet she'd be perfect with Sabik and the Mecha Guys :D :love

      *is absolutely in LOVE !!!* :wiggle:drool
    17. I absolutely second what you said Hon !! ;)
    18. She is a beauty ~ I like her eyes specially!! is she also 65 cm?
    19. Oh she is really, really gorgeous!!! But I would also love to see her with a more neutral face up and outfits. Can'twait to see owners pictures!!!!! :)