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Soom Super Gem eye size?

Nov 2, 2008

    1. Hey everyone!

      I am a total noob about Soom dolls and my Sard is arriving in a few days and I was wondering do you know what eye size he takes? My Euclase is going to arrive with no eyes and I just wanted to make sure. :sweat

      Sorry if this has been asked before.... Just I was looking around and couldn't find anything.
    2. Super Gem takes 14mm, but I found them a bit too large for my taste, so I'm going to try 12mm.
    3. My guy looks fine in the default 14's
    4. I have the default 14mm in both my Dia and Spinel.
    5. Will 12mm eyes leave gaps???
    6. I think the 14MM is right....
    7. thank you all, :) I was hoping they were fourteens it seems all the colors I want are in those colors!
    8. 12mm or 14mm will work. I personally think the 14mms are too big, so I've got some 12mms coming. 13mm Eyecos/MPs will also work fine.
    9. i have 11mm soft glass eyeco eyes in rose queen dia, and have 14mm mp acrylic eyes in my hybrid dia. both seem good to me.
    10. Really? I have 11mm Eyecos too but they won't fill up my Dia's eyesocket. =S
    11. i will have to look more closely! i used the mack silicone putty which is sort of white...
    12. here are pics
      blond dia in 11 mm eyeco, black hair dia in 14mm mp acrylic
    13. Both your girls look beautiful. I use 14mm in my Dia, but I have considered trying 12 mm just for fun.
    14. 14mm is okay I think, 12/13 would work also.

      My Dia boy wearing 14mm eyes.
    15. I use 11mm eyeco in my Sard and they fit very well
    16. My sister just got Spinel and we will be changing his eyes. But I like the way the 14 mm fills so will be getting 14 mm. Haven't thought about 12's but will give it a try. Lovely dolls, dianemedford, but then all your dolls are beautiful!
    17. thank you flamingomoon and paulajtm! i really like changing eyes and getting such a change in the looks of the doll. this sculpt really is wonderful and versatile, looking good as a boy or girl.
    18. [​IMG]

      I keep a 14mm Gumdrop in Grey Plum in Adrian's good eye, and I've ordered custom 14mm Enchanted Doll eyes for the Dia who I have yet to order. (Probably when the semester is over - I want to make sure I have enough money.) I guess they can be a little too large, appearance-wise, but I actually kind of like the intensity it lends the gaze.

      - Mel
    19. I've tried my 11mm Eyecos in Dia and - lo and behold! - they fit. But only just - there's a teeny tiny gap that the whites don't fill, but iris size is fine.

      I'll take a pic when my exams are over.
    20. :chocoberry

      Hello. So i am awaiting the arrival of my Soom Spirit Amber and have been looking around for eyes, wigs, etcs & stuff... I was wondering if eyes have to be really accurate in size to look right... what i mean is.. for example Soom Amber requires 14mm eye sizes.. does that mean 16mm wont look right? 'cause i'm planning on buying other dolls and they tend to be 16mm ones... i was wondering if i could buy 16mm ones and hope theyd fit into my Amber even if she needs 14mm ones... *shrug*