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SOOM Super Gem Lupin discussion thread

Feb 28, 2008

    1. Gorgeous. I love the "hair sculpture" on the head. It's really wonderful. I love all of his features especially the lips.
    2. The doll is gorgeous, I'm just not sure what I think about the sculped hair. It's in some ways limiting the useability of the doll IMO. But it's a strikingly handsome face :love
    3. I think he's gorgeous. I don't care much for the sculped hair but it can be covered with a wig, I'm just fine with him.
    4. He has a very expressive lips.

      I like the concept of the sculpted hair and the location of the head cap. It is nice that they sculpt it in such a way that it can be easily covered by wig:D
    5. I love his chin. It's manly but it doesn't detract from the fact he's a very beautiful male... it rather adds to it.
    6. Yes, I also like the chin:D
    7. He looks a lot like Spinel...kinda like Spinel's older bro. ;) I love his jawline, it's so square and masculine. And his default faceup too.

      I don't like his lips though, Deneb has them too. I hope Dia doesn't have that. And it looks like his head/headcap needs to be removed another way...sort of like Elfdoll's lovelydoll faceplates?
    8. I love him. Just when I thought I was done buying dolls...:(
    9. I think I want one....with a mowhawk. That would be cool. I like the molded hair but it maybe could have been done better texture-wise, but then again it looks odd just being blushed. I'd like to see it with a bit more colour to the hair.
    10. hii~
      anybody getting the new Lupin from soom?
      any advice about it?
      if anyone has it can u post pics of it i would really like to buy it or
      other 70cm doll's pic of yours would be nice thxs:)
    11. I just looked at him on their site. I am trying to deide on my first BJD.... I really like him. I plan on ordering a doll in the next 2 weeks (when the $$ is here). LOL This may be the one. I would love to hear more oppinions before I order though.
    12. Lupin is the first serious temptation I've come across for a while. I'm still whacking my budget over the head, but the chances are good I will fall....Keep you posted.
    13. He does look a lot like Spinel, but without the sort of spaced out look that Spinel has. I really like him, especially since I was considering Spinel but wavering on the face mold.

      I hope SOOM keeps churning out these gorgeous men!
    14. I like him, but would like him a lot more if that sculpted hair was optional. I don't need a doll with molded hair like a Ken doll, thanks.
    15. ####OOPS..>> this was meant to go in merman version section ..><
    16. has anybody bought this guy yet? i'm so curious to see owner photos!
    17. I just got a shipping notice today Lirin, and Melwong on the board received her doll a few days ago. There's a link to him in the soom waiting thread, a few pages back.

      I'll post back when my Lupin, Lupus, get's here, and show you pics of him :D
    18. I am absolutely in love with Lupin. He looks very masculine to me. I will be ordering him once I paid off my Special Hazy from Elfdoll. My Soom wishlist is a mile long. Ack! :)
    19. As Missmoody said, I've received my Lupin and pretty much gone to town on his faceup.


      I haven't more pictures of him as I haven't gotten a sewing space set up yet, and I don't really feel he's complete without the outfit I've got planned for him.

      - Mel