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Soom Super Gem Male Clothing Guide

Apr 22, 2008

    1. Well, Lupin's default clothing probably won't get too grubby for now, but what else does fit these gentlemen?

      I've heard SD13 clothing fits, but is a bit short in the sleeve and trouser leg...
      Would SD16 or Hound clothing fit? Any other things?

      - Mel
    2. You might want to check the clothing they sell at 4D. They make things to fit SD17/16 boys that are very nice, even better quality than you see in the pictures. New items sell out very fast, so be careful!
    3. Some of the SD13 shirts from 4D fit Spinel. And I have a SD13 Hyacinth? jacket from them that just about fits him.
    4. Ive only ever collected MSDs before but am now going onto my first SD, which is Soom Spinel.

      I believe he is SD17, and have a few dumb questions I wasnt sure where to look. So answers and links would be lurvely.

      What is SD17? How is it different from SD10 etc?
      What eyes do Soom Super Gem take? Your preferances?
      What do I look for when browsing for clothes? SD17 size? 'Hound' size? What clothes fit?
      What sites etc are good for clothes and wigs for Super Gem?
      What size wigs are better?
      What shoes fit?

      Plus any relevant information you think would be helpful, gawd what embarrasing noob questions, I thought I had bjds sussed until I started with the SDs!

      Here is Super Gem males measurements for reference:

      Super Gem's body measurement[male]

      - Weight : 1605g
      - Overall Height : 65 cm
      - Eye size : 14mm
      - Wig size : 10¡±
      - Head Circumference : 22cm
      - Neck Circumference : 10.5cm
      - Chest Circumference : 28cm
      - Shoulder Width : 12cm
      - Bottom Circumference : 22cm
      - Arm Length : 19cm
      - Wrist Circumference : 6cm
      - Hip Length : 25.5cm
      - Thigh Circumference : 16cm
      - Leg Length : 33.5cm
      - Ankle Circumference : 9cm
      - Feet Length : 8cm
    5. I have only ever heard the terms SD10 and SD17 used to refer to Volks SDs. What they mean in the case of Volks is that the the doll was meant to be a 10-year-old or a 17-year-old. Here is a bit about the Volks SD17 body:

      re Soom Super Gem, you can find a bunch of relevant threads in Large doll discussion if you search Large doll discussion only for threads containing super soom
      (either at top of large Doll Discussion pick "Search This Forum" or do it via Advanced Search)

      At least one thread is about clothing.

    6. Bump for this thread
    7. I took several photos today that will hopefully aid in selecting clothing for Spinel. The first is a comparison photo of Spinel, Yukinojo, and Jace to see the differences in body size.


      Here is a photo of my Camulos in the Soom Super Gem cargo jeans and shirt. The jeans are large in the waist. He is wearing a pair of Mimiwoo's Hound boots.


      Next I have Camulos in a Volks SD16 outfit and the pants fit very well in the waist. The shirt is a bit short but it is short on Yukinojo as well. He is wearing a pair of Luts SD13 shoes which fit him the best.


      This photo shows him wearing a Cheerydoll Hound outfit. The pants are way too long but the waist isn't a bad fit. The sweater is fine.


      The final photo I have Camulos wearing a Jace outfit. The pants fit fine through the waist and hips but are too long.

    8. Excellent review, thanks so much! Very detailed photos, that really helps me out thinking of what clothes to get my future Spinel!
    9. What wig size is best for him, it says 10 but would 9-10 be better?
    10. My Spinel wears a 8-9 Monique JoJo perfectly.
    11. Thanks! That helps. Is it stretchy cap?
    12. Yes; the Monique wigs have a stretch cap. My Spinel wears an 8-9 Monique JoJo as well.
    13. Does anyone have any pictures of their Super Gems wearing different shoes and boots? I have just got him some Hound boots, I reckon they may fit but I hear Super Gem legs are quite chunky?
    14. will they fit senior delf tops? (i understand that bottoms are going to be rather short, but their upper halves seem similar is build...)
    15. Hound boots fit Super Gem bodies well, I have some on my new Lazule. I have a Hound suit that fits him in the leg well with a little extra round the ankle, but alittle tight fitting in the body. The waistcoat is far too small though.
    16. Depends on which Hound boots....I got some off ebay (first BJD item I ever bought!) and they don't zip up over his muscly calves.

      *edit* And congrats on your Lazule honestrabbit!
    17. I can imagine some boots wont zip up, he has beefy legs! i have some pvc chelsea boots and they stretch just that bit to let them on. i made some trousers for him and they didnt get round his thighs so i had to alter them, so anyone making clothes for super gem beware the thighs!
    18. I'm going to bump this with a request for Dollmore clothing on Super Gem boys. Poor River has been wearing the same shirt and pants since he got here, and I'm trying to get him some long-sleeved shirts, jackets and pants from Dollmore, but I want to check sizing. Both Model doll and SD clothes are welcome!
    19. So I've ordered my first Super Gem Soom boy and have been trying to prepair for when the poor boy gets here so he won't be stuck in a corner naked and crying... and I'm having the hardest time figuring out what will and won't fit. I've heard that SD13 clothes fit but I'm thinking they would be a little short in the legs and arms. I know that DS boys are a little taller but does anyone know if pants made for DS boys will fit SG boys? It looks like DS boys will be a little to slim in the waist but I would rather have long pants then high waters lol.

      Any help would be great and I would love love love to see pictures if anyone out there has them.