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SOOM Super Gem Spinel discussion

Dec 5, 2007

    1. There is a new Spinel is Soom web page, without an Eva by his site. He looks very...manly! Unfortunately they have posted only one pic so far.
    2. Link: http://www.dollsoom.com/shop/step1.php?number=2830

      He's got a five o'clock shadow and a rather stormy look in his eye. I can't help but think that this is Spinel after breaking up with Emma and drinking his woes away all night. ^^ He's very handsome; I prefer this makeup to the earlier one. The change is like good boy/bad boy.
    3. I can't agree more. He really looks like a "bad boy" Although the first time I saw him I though he was a doctor!!!!
    4. :D Yup yup, definitely. I'm really liking this faceup - 'specially the five o'clock shadow (mmm). I never really liked his previous look.
    5. Spinel is looking very handsome indeed...I love my current family of dolls, but I sure do feel like changing 1 of them:doh
    6. He's so gorgeous. I like the darker look to him as well. The preview pick makes him look a little like Prince. Am I the only one who thinks so?
    7. i like the new pics of spinel with the 5 o'clock shadow- i think he looks very cool.
    8. i have to agree, he looks like a prince wearing 19th European century clothes. If that is the case, i will find him irresistible *checks credit card balance* :lol:
    9. God that torso... D: Im just ..wow ~ He looks soo handsome.
    10. :aeyepop: Holy crap look at that man-doll! :aeyepop: Very handsome indeed...
    11. Wow! So they used the Mecha Angel hands on him.
      Which means that
      a) they will actually look the right size on Spinel :|
      b) he'll probably cost a bit more since those hands were $150 on their own.

      I've been thinking about him rather a lot........so YAY! that he's not a limited that I have to buy immediately! :roll:
    12. That body makes me very happy. :D I like it better then the Unidoll Real body, and I like it too. :D

    13. Man that is one SEXY SEXY body...

      But I actually really don't like those jointed hands, I hope you can have a choice as to wether you want them or not. I think they are kind of ugly and look like robot hands. x.x
    14. Spinel looks like a moody old world baron... :)

      Finally, a tall male body that's just right. Not quite as skinny and lanky as Hound or Model, not as chunky as sd16 or Unidoll, presumably not as expensive or at least not as rare as sd17...

      I can't wait to see how this body looks with other companies' heads. Spinel is handsome, but I had been planning to put a F-16 on a super gem body sometime in the future. Now I'm not so sure since this body is more realistic rather than stylized.
    15. I want to see more of his face... XD
    16. As of this post, Spinel was displayed as "Sold Out." Can you tell us when a second edition of Spinel will be for sale?
    17. Oh man, Soom did say they would release the body separately as well right? Or is that just wishful thinking? Those hands, that torso! Much wanting.
    18. He looks wonderful; I am always drawn to bad/dangerous boys for some reason.
    19. Mmm, Spinel. :aheartbea I'm aching to see owner pics, does anybody know when the Spinel boys from the Emma and Spinel sets are supposed to arrive?