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Sep 10, 2009

    1. I was surfing the Soom site and saw this.

      Another Surprise Post MD Event!!

      WE prepared one more Post MD EVENT for you,

      "SALE for 8 Limited Sard Normal Version Dolls"

      This is the only chance to have the Sard Normal skin version which
      possible to choose the face up and body painting option with.

      Please place an order during the period of Post MD Event at following page;
      -(Period: Sep 17. 2009 ~ Sep 27. 2009 PM03:00)


      * (Authority sets to the cancel your order automatically if you do not
      complete the payment within 48 hours.)
      * A layaway plan is not available for his EVENT.

      Composition of SARD NORMAL VERSION:
      -Sard Human Type
      -Incubus Legs, Hooves and Horns
      -Owner¡¯s Guide & Certificate of Authenticity

      -Face up (Same as Sard- Night Oddysey)
      -Body Painting (Same as Sard- Night Oddysey)

      Thank you so much for your attention!
      Please join us~¡Ú
    2. So, uh.. how exactly does this work? First come first serve?
    3. Yes, the first one to order and pay the doll are the ones to get them.
    4. When on the 17th are they for sale? I saw it said Sept 17th - Sept 27th 3:00 pm *Korean time but I couldn't tell if the 3:00 pm was the start or stop time. Anyone know?
    5. They start selling on Sept 17th 3:00 pm, Korean time, and end at the same time, Sept 27th ^^
    6. If you have a look though, what they actually say is
      "Please place an order during the period of Post MD Event at following page;
      -(Period: Sep 17. 2009 ~ Sep 27. 2009 PM03:00 *Korean time zone)"

      So, the period specified is actually refering to the 'Post MD Event' which we already knew about, which runs from that date to that date. To me, it sounds like they're running the two events simultaniously, but one is a lottery and the other and order period which starts at the same time as the Post MD Event. I think they're going to come out at 3pm and it's first in best dressed.
    7. Well if you look at the section the Sards are in; the gift certificate section, this suggests that it's not the actual doll but the chance to have one of the dolls possibly? And then they will choose who will receive them? *_*
    8. I asked Soom personally and the confirmed me it is "first come first served" base for Sards.
    9. Below was copied from Soom's web page:

      Date 2009/09/18 [11:22]Hit709Title [Check] Sard Normal Version ordering periodDear Customer,

      We always appreciate your concerns about Soom.

      A problem has come up, and the odering period of '8 Limited Sard Normal Version'
      was scheduled for opening 17th.Sep.2009(9:00 a.m.Korean time),
      but it has been put off till 21th.Sep.2009(9:00 a.m.Korean time).

      We are very sorry to have kept you waiting, but hope you will
      realize that we have no intention to delay our Sard normal event order.

      We will make every efforts to develop such matters.