Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. Hi! Yes, the blue one is a feny/necy :) <3
    2. I want to know something I should have known a decade ago...

      Please, how do I know which certificate of Soom belongs to each doll? I have found my Taco Free Choice (that I bought together with another Free Choice) and I just don't know what CoA belongs to him. I always thought it had the number of the order on it but now I see there is no register on the website.

      I sometimes make a mess because I receive many dolls and some parts of the dolls are on another box.

      Anyone know how I can find it out without asking Soom? I am having a big big problem with them nowadays and I am trying to avoid their Q&A.

    3. There is a section on the Soom webpage that says Authorized Serial Number. Near the bottom on the left hand side. You can enter your certificate number there and it will tell you the doll type and buyer. Hope this helps!
    4. karleecakes is right. You do need to enter the leading zeroes. I have a number of certificates that are not in the database as they apparently used to forget to enter them in the database. I hope they are better now! I always check the certificate and print it and keep it with the certificate they sent. Just in case the database isn't available in the future!
    5. What's also helping is switching between each of Soom's five websites (quick menu link on the bottom right; there are the EURO, ENG, JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA websites) and using the Authorized Serial Number button there.
      Even though the URL for it seems to be the same, the database was split into five parts last time I checked.

      From my experience, dolls bought from specific webpages are only registered in their respective database. All the dolls I bought using the EURO site won't show up if I type the number into the pop-up window I get when I open the ENG website. I once bought a doll from Japan and only got a result when I switched to Soom's JAPAN page.
    6. Interesting! Maybe some of mine are on the wrong website!
    7. I have got a question, I have got Soom Ai, she have got Soom face up but when I enter it on the website it told me nothing, I heard from other members that it is soom problem with old dolls (2008 year) is it really so?
    8. I would post on the Soom's Q&A board just to see what they can do. From my experience, they sent me a wrong CoA before. I found out about a month after so I asked them about it and they sent me the correct one free of charge.

      On another note, my Soom Cheshire jr., Raine (Left) and Soom Lilid Mountain Lion, Anri (Right) just got back from home yesterday from the talented, momochu. They're so adorable!!! :D

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    9. I have gotten replacement certificates from Soom also, but they frequently aren't entered into the database either or the date is current and not even close to the original date! Are they doing better now?
    10. Thank you very much for your answer, I will ask them about it, maybe they can help.
    11. Thank you so much!
    12. I'm fairly sure the older ones aren't actually in the database; I remember testing it out with one of my two older ones, and getting nothing back.

      Speaking of, I don't think I've ever shared all three of mine, though that's partially because two of the three haven't had any aesthetics work done, the third needs to be redone, and all three need clothes. But unpacking dolls post-move has been a massive challenge due to some unfortunate circumstances... so when I got a couple of wall shelves up today, I decided to unpack some dolls, and they got picked to be in that batch! So here's a very candid shot of the three of them.

      [​IMG]Freedom! by vicemage, on Flickr

      I think I'm going to start collecting some inspiration photos for them, and make each one a full "project" to get them done up in their theme (earth, air, and fire, respectively), with at least one complete outfit just for them. I'm also thinking I'm going to open up Samedi's eyes; does anyone have a Taco/Dolomi with opened eyes so I can see how it looks before I go for it?

      The TG elves haven't been, but the LG elves have, though I only know this because I have a Grey/Ace body for one of my hybrid girls. :) I'm going to cross my fingers for a TG elves one, though, because I really, really want Picro/Sammi for my "water" TG!
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    13. I just purchased a Lucky :) My life was ready for a new soomling. Now I get to go through the fun part of trying to find a wig and eyes and clothes for her and deciding what her 'look' will be.
    14. That's awesome @NoDivision! :) Lucky is really adorable! I'd love to have one someday, too. ;) I look forward to seeing photos!

      My husband and I have been house-sitting at his Aunt's house for a little over a month. I really need to bring my babies out here and get some photos while I can, because it's really gorgeous out here! Unfortunately, it's also been incredibly hot (like around 100 degrees Fahrenheit hot!), so outside photos might not be the best idea. I'm also going to Florida in a week and a half... but I don't know if I'm going to bring any dolls with me. With my sprained elbow still healing, I'm not sure I'd want to deal with my expensive BJDs while I travel.

      It's been a really crazy and emotional few months for my husband and me, so my dolls haven't really been in the forefront of my mind. I do miss this thread being active and whatnot though... I have always enjoyed the discussion and the photo spam. <3 Maybe we can have some spam of adorable Soomlings in exotic colors. :) Not sure when I'll be able to get another doll, but I'm thinking I want something different than what I already have next time... like that gorgeous Lucky blue!

      To start the spam, here's some of my adorable little gray boy, Tytus:

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    15. Just wanted to say hi again! Today (July 26th) was the 5th anniversary of the day Leira (my OE Beyla head) came home! :)

      I can't believe I've had her for five years! Crazy...

      Here's a throwback to her first day with me... She had to borrow my Yrie's body, and my R. Beyla's wig & outfit for this photoshoot, and she didn't have her permanent eyes yet, but she rocked it all! I always loved this look for her, even though it wasn't her permanent look.

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    16. Oh, wow, I didn't realize how quiet it was in here lately! O_O It only just occurred to me that I haven't seen it pop up in my feed much recently!

      @Kelaria congrats on Leira's 'birthday'! It always surprises me, when I think back on how long I've had a doll, and how much I've loved them throughout that time! :) It's always a super-nice feeling!
    17. Yeah. It's hard to believe I've been in this hobby for seven years now! Wren, my oldest doll, will be seven in March! I was hoping to be able to get another doll this year... but things have been really different and crazy for us, especially this summer. I haven't even had time for any photoshoots... :/ Maybe when I get back from my trip to Florida to visit my Grandma! :) As for doll buying... there's still time for that, I guess. ^_^ Right now we're trying to get my husband something for his hobby, but it's been out of stock for a while and we have to be good and not spend the money for it. :P
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    18. thank you :) I feel dumb now ^^ It was there all this time. You saved my life <3
    19. My new little one is home. We're waiting on her own wig but she wanted to get out and explore and I didn't want to let her go bald.

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    20. @Kelaria Congrats on Leira's anniversary! She is as cute as ever!

      @NoDivision Congrats on you Little Soom Lucky, she is adorable. Have you thought of a name for her?
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