Soom Teenie Gem and Monthly Doll Discussion Part 14

Jun 10, 2016

    1. Snow canceled my plans for today so here you go!

      Blue is the 12mm glass and the green are the 14mm Makos


      As you can see, the 14mms take up most of the space and the iris is about the only thing that you can see. The size makes them sit rather far back as well, so you can not tell how pretty the Makos really are. I would definitely recommend picking up the 12mms Makos for an Afi.... and now I am thinking about getting some for my girl! The Mako 12mms may have a slightly smaller iris, than the blue ones that I have in my girl, so keep that in mind.
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    2. Thank you so so much =) You help me a lot =) I will order some 12mm eyes ^^
    3. Heya guys I can finally stop lurking here xD I'd like everyone to meet the modded Syen that I got for christmas c:
      [​IMG]Never Wren by Izzy, on Flickr
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    4. Congratulations, Calabri! What a great Christmas present!!
    5. He's the most amazing christmas present, I met my first YoSD 5 years ago and she was Soom and I've always wanted one since
    6. Here's my new boy - wondering where on Earth he's ended up after all the bumping around in a dark box...


      I'll take a better picture of him later. He's currently getting to know my other two boys, Jett and Jasper (Trachy and Glati).
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    7. I'd adopt him in a heartbeat. :D
    8. @Uminari Ohohoh! He is so freaking cute!
    9. @Uminari yes, so very cute! I love ❤️ everything about him!
    10. Hi all! I have been admiring everyone's pics, which is of course feeding my need for more Soom tinies! :doh:lol:

      Last year I got my very first Soom tiny in a trade, a red skinned Trachy. I love him so much, but am at a loss of how to face up and wig him, with that red skin. Right now he is blank (though I need to do a better job cleaning up the last face up before I attempt my own), and wigless. And eyeless, too, now that I think of it. It's a bit daunting to figure out what color of wig I want for him. I don't really want to put black on him, as it just doesn't go with his character. I have named him Apple Red. Any ways, the point of this is to ask those of you who own a red skinned Trachy, if you could you post some pics of your doll? :eusa_pray It might inspire me which direction to go with my little guy, which I would greatly appreciate! :)
    11. Mayday has a red Trachy that she did in yellows/oranges with a flame colored wig. Her photos are all in photobucket, but you should be able to see them if you go to her album.
    12. Thank you so much for the link! Her doll looks awesome with that flame wig.
    13. Pokes Thread ----> -------> Loves all the teenies! Tonboko Ai has a special place in my heart.

      I should post my Afi, Shonki and some of my other teenies....
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    14. Athos got a new wig but I like the old style wise more... why are leekeworld wig are always the worst when it´s come to quality. His new is a crobidoll and it is such a nice wig. no strands, nicely cut and without loose hairs

      [​IMG]new wig by Antique Mind, auf Flickr
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    15. @Uminari ypur guy is so cute! Love the new wig. Mine still needs a face up and blushing.
    16. @Uminari your boy is so cute! I love his expression! And honestly over time, leeke quality has just gone down hill. They're more concerned with quantity over quality now. I have wigs from years ago that are much better quality than now
    17. I'm eagerly awaiting summer when I have more time so I can do some photoshoots with my dolls without feeling overwhelmed and rushed to upload! ;)

      Happy to see this thread being bumped again and a cute photo of Athos! :)
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    18. I am a little bit confused.
      Ai and Afi - whos girl and boy there? Ai girl ?
      I have Silky and it is violet doll from Yarn and Silky..
      I am still waiting for Ai\Afi from last release .. and trying to understand this problem)

      by Reinameron Vesper, on Flickr
    19. I'm not sure if Soom had genders in mind, when they designed their teenie gems. Ai and Afi look like girls for me and there are other dolls where both look like boys. In the end they have a genderless body and you can decide which gender your doll has.